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FOLLOW-UP: Sony Ericsson shows and explains the Xperia X1 to Journalists [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 24.09.08 - 13:39:41 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 28475x
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If you follow my personal Twitter tweet, you know that I'm currently in Lund, Sweden at Sony Ericsson's HQ where the company hosts a press event today. And hot from the Xperia X1 hands-on session with Magnus Andersson, Senior Product Manager Xperia X1, we got the news, that Spb will release a Spb Shell plug-in for the Xperia X1 panels. For sure, Sony Ericsson wasn't able to comment on how and when Spb Shell for the Xperia X1 will be available but it exists.
Also Sony Ericsson confirmed that the Xperia X1 will definitely not have an accelerometer but also confirmed that it will come with 384 MB RAM!

Also, Sony Ericsson again confirmed that there will be two Xperia X1 versions, the X1a and the X1i (as mentioned in the X1 white paper) where one is for the North American market and one is for the rest of the world aka Europe and Asia.
Quite interesting is the fact that Sony Ericsson declined to comment its partnership which HTC which, as a matter of fact, produces the Xperia X1 but also contributes some Windows Mobile enhancements like the streaming player and other utilities.
Last but not least it was confirmed that the Xperia X1 initially will not include Flash Lite 3 support and if Opera Software isn't adding it for Opera Mobile 9.5, there will be no support for Flash-powered websites like YouTube, etc.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by DoubleG on 24.09.08 - 13:59:59

Also Sony Ericsson confirmed that the Xperia X1 will definitely not have an accelerometer..

Damn! :-(

Posted by Martyn on 24.09.08 - 15:47:07

No out of the box support for flash!?


Posted by karl lauer on 24.09.08 - 16:41:31

who gives a fick?

i'm still looking forward to this

Posted by Ronak on 24.09.08 - 17:51:55

Hey, thanks for confirming that xperia has 384mb RAM. But if it doesn't have an accelerometer and an orientation switch, we have to slide out the keyboard every time to change orientation. That's quite inconvenient. Other than that, playnow arena has drm free downloads so why cant xperia support it?

Posted by Insaneboy on 24.09.08 - 18:05:13

Actually, there's a button for changing the screen orientation.

Posted by Ronak on 24.09.08 - 20:11:18

See the latest xperia pics on the SE site. These pics dont have the orientation switch. So, i guess, we dont have any other option but to slide out the keyboard for changing the orientation.

Posted by Esko on 24.09.08 - 20:14:52

You can use a button to orientation mode ...

I can do it on my prototype.


Posted by Supersmurfen on 24.09.08 - 20:25:51

Martyn wrote:

No out of the box support for flash!?


Opera Mobile 9.5 has support for Flash Lite 3.0

Posted by Arne Hess on 24.09.08 - 23:16:55

@Supersmurfen: Sorry to say but the site you mention misunderstood something. As Opera said in its Mobile World Congress press release: "With Opera Mobile 9.5, OEMs and operators will have the capability to include Flash Lite 3, empowering their smartphone users with access to the full Web including the ability to watch videos on YouTube effortlessly.". This translates to: If a manufactures (or Microsoft) adds Flash Lite 3 to the device, Opera Mobile can access it through Active X/APIs. It doesn't mean that Opera Mobile 9.5 includes Flash Lite 3 and that's the reason why I'm asked if the Xperia X1 comes with Flash Lite 3.

Posted by Kaiser Chief on 25.09.08 - 00:12:09

Thanks for the update Arne, I love you site. Always up to date and close to the latest news and developments; not only copying them from other sites! Keep up the great work for the Windows Mobile community!

Posted by ell on 25.09.08 - 13:22:50

What about release date? Is it still 30.09.2008 ? Becouse on Expansys it is still available only as preorder... no incoming date there.

Posted by adam on 26.09.08 - 05:32:47

when X1 will be released in china?

Posted by Arne Hess on 26.09.08 - 11:32:25

@ell: Yes, launch is still planned for end of September with commercial availability in early October.

@adam: Sony Ericsson's earlier press release said: "Availability dates for North America, China, Australia and Russia along with other countries not mentioned above will be announced by local markets in the coming months."; no further updates given yet.

Posted by zakyma on 26.09.08 - 12:15:28

Hello Arne,

Can you please give me a small comparison between xperia and touch pro? I want to decide what is the best for me to own.

It seems as xperia came in, no news about touch pro and no comparison either.

What also Sony xperia can do better than the touch pro?

Appreciate your help.

Posted by Clinks on 26.09.08 - 20:22:45

Hello Arne,

can you please clarify the last paragraph (about flash support)? In the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Webcast from the September 15 ( Magnus Andersson says that there will be upgrades in the future to support flash (@ 15:50). Why does the flash support of the X1 depend on Opera Software?

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