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FRUSTRATING: SFR's HotSpot Wi-Fi down now
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 22.02.04 - 16:18:04 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 7153x
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Okay SFT, this becomes annoying for me now. First you rip-off 80 € for a three days Wi-Fi access in Cannes here and now you shut down your network?
After I bought my access, it worked pretty good, as I've written here - but now only the network is available but the DHCP server isn't working anymore while my 72 hours counting back... :-(
Thankfully, Windows XP (as well as Pocket PC 2003) makes it easy to find networks and here, where I stay now (it started to rain outside) I found 8 Wi-Fi networks while 2 are open and accessible. :-) Okay, than I have to use one of these available but I'm still "not amused" that I've paid for something which isn't working anymore...
Please guys, get it fixed!

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Wolfgang Irber on 22.02.04 - 16:44:17

Hi Arne,

Welcome to the Wi-Fi frustration club smile

My personal impression, many of the Wi-Fi operators do not really take the Wi-Fi business very serious. Since not many people are using the highly expensive commercial hot-spots (according to some numbers I have seen lately), the chance somebody is complaining when it's not working is not really significant to them. So why to bother with an expensive backup-service? A down Hot-Spot is nothing compared to the high numbers if a GSM base station fails.

Commercial Hot-Spots run by cellular operators are still only strategic attempts to claim sites: let's care about the reliability of the business itself later, in case there is one sad

I'm just sitting in a cafe in Prague and use a free pilot from a local cellular provider. Since it is free, a few people with their notebooks are always in. Sometimes the bandwidth is so bad that I give up and shut down my notebook. Well, it's now for free, but if they are going commercial, that's not what I would like to pay for. And I doubt that they are going to be significantly cheaper than all the others.

Hope your wireless access is up and running soon smile 80 € is a whole lot of money for three days!

Cheers ~ W

Posted by Arne Hess on 22.02.04 - 17:02:24

Hehehe... Never wanted to join this club but well, at least I did... ;-)

The Wi-Fi connection is still down but I found that "slow" 5.5 MBit connection which works for me (wonder who the owner is but well, who cares...).

I've recently called their customer service and well, I get lost with my school French and she wasn't able to speak or to forward me to someone English speaking... Argh... :-(

I think you are mostly right with your conclusion BUT that's not the best marketing for them on the 3GSM Word Congress where many international visitors are forced to use their Wi-Fi connection. Unlike public HotSpots in inner cities, this is something serious and well, you can be sure I will not use their GSM network here, while I'm on the congress. They already ripped me off and no reason to pay more if other International Roaming networks with GSM and GPRS are available as well, as they are... ;-)

But anyway - hope they get it fixed tomorrow...

Cheers ~ Wi-Fi chalking Arne... ;-)

Posted by Wolfgang Irber on 22.02.04 - 21:21:09

(big grin) hope your chalk is really waterproof; what I have seen on your pictures, it is a nasty weather down there.

Cheers ~ W (standing in the rain outside the already closed Wi-Fi cafe...)

Posted by ms mobiles on 22.02.04 - 23:14:54

In case when everything else, including Wi-Fi, fails, then AOL works. BTW: in some countries it is illegal to use "open" Wi-Fi networks without permission of the operator of this network.

Posted by Arne Hess on 23.02.04 - 09:06:18

1st: If everything else fails, GPRS is working for me but as always it's a question of the price, especially in international roaming!

2nd: No need to take care about me and if I illegally access a forbidden network.

3rd: Even better, it's the W-LAN of the Café but they don't advertise it as they told me but for sure I'm allowed to use it. However, not sure what would be the better way: paying for international GPRS roaming yesterday or paying all the beers I drank to stay there... :-D

Posted by APA on 23.02.04 - 09:30:19

Hi Arne,

sorry to hear your WiFi troubles, I mostly had great experiance with WiFi, in HKG I have a PCCW Skywalker account and can use it throughout the city and on the airport. In Incheon the whole terminal(and it's one of the biggest terminals I have ever seen smile) has coverage and it is for FREE. AMS is also great, LHR sucks however I think the BAA seems to have a blind eye to technology, maybe one day. 80 for 3 days is sure a lot, however we also could go out and bash our ISPs for not including roaming options.

Actually I wonder that your event doesn't provide free WiFi on site. MS always does on the TechEds ;-)

Great pics you post, just wondering is this a boating event or a tech event big_smile

Could you update us on what the embargoed ? on the Motorla means ?

have a great time



Posted by Paul on 23.02.04 - 10:46:35

Hi Arne Hess,

Did you meet Jacek at 3GSM? smile

Posted by Arne Hess on 23.02.04 - 11:58:50

@APA: LOL... :-D Yes, Cannes is always a boating event. Wonder how it looks like if Hollywood and all the movie stars coming here for the Film Festival... But the boats give a great environment for one to one meetings with the representatives...

Regarding the embargo - I'm pretty sure it's this phone: because the guy is the same and also the bottom of the phone looks the same. However, until 2 PM we are not allowed to enter the exhibition.

The funny thing is, that the embargo photo was taken from the Moto booth while the phone photo was taken from the street advertising which is here, all over the streets... Not that smart from Moto... ;-)

@Paul: No, so far not and well, what should I say... ;-)

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