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FRUSTRATING: SFR's HotSpot Wi-Fi down now
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 22.02.04 - 16:18:04 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 7338x
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Okay SFT, this becomes annoying for me now. First you rip-off 80 € for a three days Wi-Fi access in Cannes here and now you shut down your network?
After I bought my access, it worked pretty good, as I've written here - but now only the network is available but the DHCP server isn't working anymore while my 72 hours counting back... :-(
Thankfully, Windows XP (as well as Pocket PC 2003) makes it easy to find networks and here, where I stay now (it started to rain outside) I found 8 Wi-Fi networks while 2 are open and accessible. :-) Okay, than I have to use one of these available but I'm still "not amused" that I've paid for something which isn't working anymore...
Please guys, get it fixed!

Cheers ~ Arne