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FUN: Away for today...
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 23.10.03 - 20:30:14 CET under 06 - Site News - Viewed 7958x
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...because I won a Microsoft Xbox today :oops: and have to do something better now then posting any news here as you might can imagine... :-D :lol:
No, honestly - today Microsoft Germany held an event for community leaders here in Germany which isn't comparable to the Microsoft MVP program but similar anyway and I was invited.
However, Microsoft wouldn't be Microsoft if they wouldn't give away the one or the other stuff and since this even was pretty much developer driven, most of the prizes were development tools (VB C++ .Net Compact Framework or what was the name? :oops: Sorry still not a developer :oops: ) but the grand prize was a Xbox with "Midtown Madness 3" and the Xbox Live pack and to make it short - I was the lucky one! :-) So please don't ask what I'm doing right  now... Driving like hell through Paris for sure! :lol:
I haven't owned a Xbox before nor a PS II but my last video game system was from Nintendo - maybe it's time to start having fun again... :-D

So see you tomorrow or later on the streets of Paris but take care - I'm still learning how to drive this digital "bastard"... ;-)

Thanks a lot Microsoft - you saved me my cold winter evenings now (and it's really becoming annoying cold now...)!

Cheers ~ Arne