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FUN: Do more with your Bluetooth equipped i-Mate SMP and PPC Phone Edition
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 24.02.04 - 13:29:21 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 8483x
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If you are a happy owner of one of the i-Mate 2003 devices, such as the PPCW.Net i-Mate Smartphone2 or Pocket PC Phone Edition, soon more fun will come to your devices! Who told you that the Bluetooth implementation for the Smartphone and Pocket PC Phone Edition 2003 is weak if you can drive a car with it!? ;-)

i-Mate is presenting a showcase on the 3GSM World Congress which lets you navigate a RC car via Bluetooth - just using your Pocket PC Phone Edition or Smartphone and best of all is - it's not a showcase only but i-Mate will bring this RC cars to the market - expected to be released in a couple of months!

You can either drive the car through the Pocket PC touch screen/Smartphone joystick or you plug-in an adapter to the bottom which allows you to control the car through your hand movement! That's serious fun and can't await to get my review unit - hopefully soon! :-)

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Marauderz on 24.02.04 - 13:42:07

It's the tilt control from !!! I'm trying to get one to test my developement on.. but... shrug.. Malaysian credit cards ain't quite welcomed online...  =P Curse those unscrupulous people!

Posted by Dale Reeck on 24.02.04 - 14:19:45

Maybe HTC should work on getting a decent bluetooth software implementation on their devices first. I think we need things like proper headset implementation and real serial port support not requiring third party hacks before we need radio controlled bluetooth cars.

Posted by Wiz on 24.02.04 - 16:51:38

Ericsson already has them on the market ... I actually took one home only to find out there's only Symbian support untill now, but nevertheless .....

Posted by Geoff Bullock on 25.02.04 - 06:56:49

Wow! Just what I needed! And to think I was looking for ways of connecting my IMate to bluetooth, Wi Fi and GPS without running around crazily trying to find ANYONE in Australia who knew anything other than how to sell the phone... and I thought that this phone was for businss users.. gee wiz

Posted by lvermont on 25.02.04 - 07:26:48

Wee, a new office toy. smile I think I'll get 2 and have a drag race with my co-worker to settle differences since he has an XDA 2 smile

Posted by Fidel on 25.02.04 - 19:39:22

I can't believe it. These guys come up with such a stupid and useless idea when I have spent hours and hours trying to configure my iMate PPC to do simple things such as:

1.- Sync over BT

2.- Act as a BT GPRS modem for my PC

3.- Work (simply work) "properly" with my BT headset (because I no longer expect to use "advanced functionalities" such as voice dialing or redialing last number...)

4.-  Etc...not to mention that my BT carkit is not working with the iMate (since it doesn't support the hands free profile!) and that I had to buy a new hands free that works over the headset profile (but then I can't have two different headsets configured over BT and I need to pair the devices every time I either want to use my carkit or my headset...incredible!!!)

Please Arne, I think we should be more serious with this matters. I believe there are a whole bunch of us, "not so happy" iMate users, that have been looking for some advanced features of the BT stack and SW installed in the iMate and really feel that such stories are an ofense to us. I totally agree with Dale Reeck and Geoff Bullock.

I have asked you these questions so many times that I really feel stupid doing it again but:

1.- Can't you transmit this comments to HTC?

2.- Can you do anything about it?

3.- Can we, users, make any sort of pressure to obtain an answer?

4.- Is there any SW maker able to solve some of this problems?

I really think the iMate is a great device, but there are some features that work so bad that makes me rethink of getting a simple mobile phone...

How is it possible that no one has realized that the area over which one should point with the stylus to turn on and off wireless capabilities is SO SMALL??

Wouldn't it be much easier to have an on/off BIG button on the screen to press it with a finger??

How is it possible that no noise comes out of the iMate when you turn wireless on or off, making yourself very insecure when (i.e.) turning it off getting into a plane??

Of course, you can wait for some...10-15 seconds sometimes to check that it has or it hasn't turned off...

How is it possible that the iMate doesn't remember to enable the BT headset every time you switch off BT?? (Can you imagine myself driving my car, hearing the iMate ringing in my jacket -on the back seat of course- and the phone call not jumping to the hands free because the device doesn't enable the headset automatically?)

Sorry, but I check your site every day hoping I will find a great post that says all my BT problems are solved (not happened yet so far), and today I found this BT car story which pissed me off...

Best regards,


Posted by Arne Hess on 25.02.04 - 19:49:55

@all: Okay, I collected your feedback and I will keep it in mind. BUT there is something you have to keep in mind: i-mate isn't HTC so please don't blame them for faults of the Microsoft Bluetooth stack which is part of the HTC Wallaby. HTC finally have to decide which Bluetooth stack they are using and how much they improving the generic Windows Mobile 2003 stack! i-mate on the other hand used the implemented Bluetooth radio module and added value on top of it, so it's not i-mate fault but a proof that everything is possible with the Himalaya hardware!

Again, i-mate isn't the ODM but they know about your Bluetooth pains and working with HTC on improvements but as the show case above shows you - everything is possible, if companies are smart enough (including Microsoft and HTC in this case) to deliver the missing parts!

So I'm still fascinated that the i-Mate Phone Edition delivers these options, especially because that kind of features are not part of the generic Bluetooth stack but implemented by 3rd parties.

Posted by eddie on 26.02.04 - 03:32:58

ill take one, this will impress my friends at school and at their houses. Finally ill use my bt on my ipaq 5555.

Posted by pdantic on 26.02.04 - 03:39:36

Sweeeeeet! I can't wait to drive that car around the office from my 4150. This is a great idea for explaining Bluetooth to non-techies. Right now when I start talking about doing device pairings and using my BT phone as a modem for the 4150, all I get is blank looks. :-)

Posted by pdantic on 26.02.04 - 03:42:19

Whoops. Just noticed your comment that this works with your i-Mate Pocket PC Phone Edition and Smartphone devices - will it work with standard BT on an iPAQ 4150? :-(

Posted by Fidel on 26.02.04 - 13:46:44

Thanks for your comments Arne. Please keep us informed of any news as always.

Best regards,


Posted by Atul on 26.02.04 - 20:30:42

Whats the size of the car; what kind of hand movements are supported ?

Posted by Saul on 04.03.04 - 09:10:14

Does anyone know if I can do voice-dialing with the imate?

Posted by CB on 29.07.04 - 21:12:30

Does anyone know a good source to buy i-mate ppc from?

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