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GOOD NEWS: T-Mobile US hasn't canceled the 2003 Phone Edition upgrade
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 04.12.03 - 10:03:01 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8586x
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Well, that's a real back and forth. First I've told you that T-Mobile US is going to release a Windows Mobile 2003 upgrade for their Phone Edition, then the upgrade page was gone offline from T-Mobiles Internet site and later we've heard that T-Mobile has decided to cancel it.
However, finally we got an official word from T-Mobile US and this time it's not from customer care or a sales representatives but from Chris Archey, Product Manager Pocket PC Phone Edition and who should know it better then him. He asked me to republish his comment on the frontpage again to make sure everybody is really aware of it which I'm happily do here:

T-Mobile was the first carrier to deliver the Microsoft Pocket PC Phone Edition and is committed to the support of this product. We will be providing the 2003 upgrade to our customers.

The standard Pocket PC 2003 version, used by many Pocket PC PDA's, doesn't include the needed software and hardware to operate as a phone. The additional time need for integration and testing ensures the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Chris Archey
Product Manager Pocket PC Phone Edition

So take Chris' word now and stay patient. As soon as he can say more about the release date and process I'm sure he will let us know it too.
Thanks Chris for giving us the good news and your contribution is appreciated. I'm really happy to see T-Mobile US takes more care about their customers then we thought a few days ago! :-)

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Dan Maslowski on 07.12.03 - 01:08:29


I have to ask, if this is the case, why was the web page removed? All the page said was to check back for more information. There was no timeline specified. In my opinion removing the page said to most customers that you were retracting your offer, yet were afraid to own up to it. I have had a customer concern open on this point for over a week now, and it has been 4 days since I've gotten a response, it seems like I'm being ignored.

Posted by robinton on 07.12.03 - 23:05:39

Feel fourtunate that they are ignoring you and leaving it open.  They have been closing one of mine on a regular basis for the past two months while avoiding giving me an answer and/or passing on inccorect data.  At this point it is my impression that T-Mobile support personnel are encouraged not to assist the customers.  So far the only decent ones I have encountered are the folks who handle data aservices.

Robert H.

Posted by adamz on 07.12.03 - 23:19:53

I just called to update my IMEI for the XDA II, and ask an MMS question and the CSR mentioned that they intend to begin supporting Pocket PC Phone Edition 2003 in 6 to 8 days.  I didn't even ask or anything.

Posted by Chris Archey on 08.12.03 - 21:38:24

It is the policy of T-Mobile to not announce products or updates until they are ready to be released. The Coming Soon page was being developed in anticipation of the product being available. It was accidentally deployed to our production site due to an oversight by me. I apologize for have caused any undue problems.  If you would give me your tracking number I will check on your issue.

Posted by Chris Archey on 08.12.03 - 21:42:12

Reply to adamz. Our Care organization gets training prior to products being released. Part of the process.

Posted by helpme on 09.12.03 - 03:15:32


Does T_Mobile plan to have a new version of Pocket PC Phone Edition. I just sold my Pocket PC Phone Edition for $245 to someone on the internet.


Posted by spanky on 09.12.03 - 05:32:30

i am a t-mobile sales rep, and i am have been on the search as everyone else has.  i read yesterday about the new pocket pc 2003 update on our intranet.  it is expected to be released in mid first quarter, prob around the end of january, early february.  of course, this could change as it has in the passed.  i still have yet to hear about the new mda II.  in fact, whenever i mention it to other employees, they have no idea what i'm talking about.  i guess i'm a lone geek in the midst of geekcity.  i have spent countless hours calling our depts. and looking online, and this site seems to be the most up-to-date.  cheers on the site.

Posted by Dan Maslowski on 09.12.03 - 22:10:48


Thank you for your honest reply. It is what I was trying to get Customer Service to say for a long time. I guess I would still have preferred a page being put up with an explanation of the change of status.

If you would like some interesting reading read my tracking numbers :





Posted by johnp on 19.12.03 - 17:18:08

I can't help but wonder why these products get released in Europe and the UK months before anything ever happens in the US. 

T-Mobile USA could have had significant Christmas sales of the XDAII if they weren’t so conservative in their release schedules.  How could T-Mobile in Germany release the XDAII in October and yet T-Mobile USA has no idea what it is?  How could other languages have a WM2003 upgrade available over the summer, yet February 1st is the projected release date for the U.S. version?

The XDA-I WM2003 release schedule for the US is as unacceptable as it is mind boggling.  If upgrades are available in other countries, why not here?  Does T-Mobile talk with it's self?   Does T-mobile take advantage of it's global presence?   Does it's units work together or are it's groups pretending they are islands and have no responsibility to offer available products irregardless of location.

I don’t agree that the differences are that great.  Get a move on!

Posted by Arne Hess on 19.12.03 - 17:22:04

@johnp: While you might be right with the release of the xda II in the US you are wrong with your thoughts about the 2003 upgrade! At least you get on and it is confirmed now!

In Europe, neither T-Mobile nor O2 has announced any plans to upgrade their old devices to Windows Mobile 2003!!!

See also this poll here: Should O2 release a PPC 2003 Rom for the xda?

Posted by Karim on 19.12.03 - 20:44:35

" I can't help but wonder why these products get released in Europe and the UK months before anything ever happens in the US"

Simply because the mobile network in Europe is much better evolved then the US network. We will also have UMTS before the US. Don't know why, but that is the reason these product get released here before making it to the US. But then again, you have the Samsung smarthphone, which hasn't been released overhere yet.

Posted by homeland on 20.12.03 - 02:27:07

yep\ I've really seen em,in a nice t-mobile bon design package in nl.

u don't believe me?

Posted by robinton on 27.12.03 - 07:13:14

Finally managed to strong-arm the web-based support folks at T-Mobile into giving me what appears to be an honest and accurate answer...  It's too large to post to this forum, but I did post their response at:


Robert Harrold

Posted by jc on 11.03.04 - 07:45:06 2003 upgrade

Posted by Sam on 25.03.04 - 19:21:59

Careful with proceeding with this upgrade.  I tried to upgrade yesterday and after spending hours on the phone with Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 support, I was finally transferred to an engineer.  His diagnosis of the upgrade problems I experienced - "the phone is fried". He had to transfer me back to Tier 1 for a replacement phone, they wanted to charge me $15 for shipping the replacement overnight.

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