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GPRS CARD I: Option's GlobeTrotter PC Card hits the street [UPDATE 07.05.02]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 07.05.02 - 10:26:00 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 8165x
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LEUVEN, BELGIUM - Option today announced that it started web-sales of its GlobeTrotter Tri-band GPRS PC Card. Customers can now simply access the Option e-shop on and click on the "Buy GlobeTrotter now" button.

GlobeTrotter offers the wireless user Internet access at speeds averaging 56Kbps using GPRS technology that is now operational on nearly all major GSM networks including the USA. As well as providing high speed wireless Internet access the GlobeTrotter PC Card may be used for voice and SMS in the same way as with a standard mobile phone.

With the advent of GPRS, network providers are rapidly changing their business models to include new Internet based data services. The hitherto classic voice centric GSM operator has metamorphosed into the role of an ISP (Internet Service Provider) and ASP (Access Service Provider) offering these services to the new breed of mobile professional.

"Today’s mobile professional needs a product that is able to roam across any of the GSM or GPRS networks whether in Europe, Asia or the United States. GlobeTrotter is designed to meet these requirements" said Douglas Ros, Vice President Sales & Marketing for Option. “We are promoting the international language version of GlobeTrotter at the introductory web-price of €399 ($359) including voice headset and world-wide delivery. The international version of GlobeTrotter supports English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese languages. To aid in the decision to purchase buyers can also cross check the world-wide list of GSM/GPRS networks on which Option has tested GlobeTrotter.

Box content

  • GlobeTrotter PC Card
  • Headset
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Wireless Communication Manager WCM - English version
  • Wallet

Pocket PC/Windows CE is supported, however I don't know right now if the WCM is also available for Pocket PC or if the current version supports GPRS calls only. I try to figure out with Option!

UPDATE: I got the feedback from the Option product management. At the moment there is a small tool available only which you can use to set up a GPRS connection. It allows you to enter the PIN, APN, DNSs, etc... An application for voice, SMS and phone book, etc. isn't available yet. However, for voice, SMS and phone book there are some third party application available which should work (e.g. Pocket Presence's Running Voice GSM).

That's fantastic news, even if Option doesn't provide a phone interface by themselves it's great that the GlobeTrotter should be supported by Running Voice GSM. I hope to get a reviewers sample of the GlobeTrotter card soon to test it with Pocket PCs.

Cheers ~ Arne

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