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GPRS CLASSES: Bad news, the xda still doesn't works as a Class B device
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 09.11.02 - 13:50:00 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7484x
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You remember the 64 MB xda announcement some days ago? o2 announced the new xda as a Class B GPRS device which would mean it can handle GSM voice and GPRS in parallel (even if this doesn't mean it could handle both simultaneous, in that case it would be a Class A device - find more information about the different GPRS classes in this PPCW.Net Forum thread).

Well, "Deeps" from Indonesia bought one of the new 64 MB xda's and reported the following on the Forum:

"I just sold my old XDA and bought a new 64mb with extended GPRS capabilities. It is suppose to be Class B, Multislot Class 8 (4R1T) . My new Rom version is 3.14.17 and radio version is 4.08.

The problem is although I see an increase in GPRS speed, the GPRS connection still disconnects when a phone call is coming in. A class B device is suppose to just suspend the GPRS during a call or SMS and resume GPRS connection automatically after that."

Ouch, this really sucks. Announcing a device as Class B device which is still a Class C device isn't user friendly at all. Beside this, the xda is the only Class C device I've ever seen. Here o2 and HTC really have to deliver a fix that the xda - doesn't matter if 32 or 64 MB - becomes what is state of the art today: a Class B device!

Cheers ~ Arne