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GSM DISCUSSIONS: Please also use the Forum regarding GSM questions for N.-America
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 04.06.03 - 18:52:51 CET under 06 - Site News - Viewed 7147x
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I got lots of questions regarding "if the i-Mate works in general in the US" or "is my area here and there GSM covered" or "I have currently this phone and that plan and can I also use it in future with the i-Mate".
I try my best to answer all these E-Mails but a lot of these questions are pretty detailed about a carrier, a price plan and/or a phone which I've never used or even heard about. :oops:

So as I know that many of my readers here comes from North America and already use GSM phones there (maybe even a Smartphone 2002 like the Orange SPV or the Microsoft Developer Kit) I would like to ask you to give others, who are new in the North American GSM world, a helping hand.
So if you have any questions regarding GSM in the US or Canada, please also use the Forum also. Nevertheless I will also try my best to forward my GSM experience to you, doesn't matter if by E-Mail or in the Forum.

Last but not least as with the comments on PPCW.Net you don't need to register to post to the Forum; you can but you are not forced to, so no reason not to post there also... ;-)

Thanks and Cheers ~ Arne

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