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HACK: Mobile Boot Camp runs Windows Mobile on the Apple iPhone [UPDATE]
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 13.10.08 - 16:59:47 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 21561x
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One of the smartest Apple developments was Boot Camp for Mac OS X which allows a user to run Windows XP or Windows Vista on a Mac. Now, a kind of - let's say - "Mobile Boot Camp" might hit the Apple iPhone as well. Sure enough, this time it's neither developed nor supported by Apple itself but by Norwegian developer Erik Kristiansen who developed his own Boot Camp which either runs his iPhone with the original Apple OS or alternatively with Windows Mobile Professional. Sure, the video bellow could be a fake as well but for now we take him by his word:

Not yet released, Kristiansen said during the myPhone2008 conference that a public release can be expected early next year and that this hack will be released as open source.

UPDATE: Okay, looks like we (I, the bloggers, the Internet, the Windows Mobile users) were "too excited" (?) by running Windows Mobile on iPhone hardware. As it turned out (thanks for the comments and E-Mails), the video and the whole story above is a hoax and part of a viral marketing campaign from Sonic Emotion, a maker of surround-sound systems for PCs, handhelds and other things that need surround sound.
While I'm not sure what they expected to get from such a viral marketing campaign, their idea had 5 minutes of fame; and now back to serious business.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Tache on 13.10.08 - 17:18:52

Why would you possibly want to run Windows on your iPhone!

Posted by Arne Hess on 13.10.08 - 17:29:06

Well, I would run Windows Mobile on an iPhone. Cool OS on a nearly great HW. ;-)

Posted by PJD on 13.10.08 - 17:41:37

WOW! It is just amazing how fast a fakedinformation spreads throught all the gadget-websites: Nobody even slightly checks if it is true. Here are some hints that this is a fake:

- Windows Mobil boots in only 15 seconds - never seen it that fast
- Why release in Januar?
- The kids "pressing" buttons and screen is not very convincing

About the Website
- This congress supposingly took place in las vegas, but no specific adress is given - i believe there are a alot more than one convention centers there
- there are 5 videos on the frontpage of the event - two of them are fake for sure (ipod-metalldetecor and food analyzer), 2 are about a music player with enhanced playback-capabilitys and one is the Win Mobil IPhone.
- Then you look closely you find under Contact -> Impress a Company called "sonic emotion AG" from switzerland
- Did I mention that the two videos about the audioplayer are the only ones which give you any information how they are?
- Did I mention that the company of this two videos is "sonic emotion"?

Any questions?

Posted by Sir Andrew on 23.10.08 - 16:34:33

It is a fake!
iPhone haven't hardware for WM running.
It's just video from some WM device played on iPhone.

Posted by kalla on 25.10.08 - 05:40:29

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