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HAPPY BIRTHDAY: NCSA Mosaic becomes 10 years tomorrow!
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 28.04.03 - 12:20:09 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 10769x
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Wow, how time goes bye - my first web browser - the NCSA Mosaic becomes 10 years old tomorrow - Happy Birthday Dude! :D
The NCSA Mosaic was one of the reasons, why PPCW.Net is here today and I remember well, when I saw the announcement of the availability of a Beta for a program called web browser! Before, I've "surfed" through the Net via Telnet or Gopher ony. :-)

My first Mosaic was something 0.8 Alpha or something - I forgot the exact version - but it was before 1.0 and it was amazing which possibilities it gave me to explore something called World Wide Web. Unfortunately, that time there weren't too much WWW pages available to surf to but it was also the time when two guys uploaded there link list to their University server and called it Yahoo (the rest is history ;-)).
Also it was the time where a Windows 3.11 user had to handle stuff like "Trumpet Winsock" to get his PC connected... I hated Trumpet Winsock and was so amazed when Windows 95 was released which included the PPP stuff by default - but that's another story - maybe for 2005...

Anyway, here the pretty basic user interface of one of the first NCSA Mosaic Browsers. Unfortunately I can not surf PPCW.Net as the browser doesn't understand php... 8O so I had to save a HTML copy from the web but even that looks strange... ;-)

Holy cow, this looks crap - today! ;-) Even my Smartphone has a better working web browser implemented... :D But anyway, this was the start into the Internet, DOT COM and connected future!

Some time later, a new company called Netscape released a browser called Netscape Navigator and sure I also downloaded the first available Beta! Here how today's PPCW.Net looks with Navigator 1.0:

Oh man, unbelievable how the web was going forward since that days - really unbelievable, even for such a geek like me! :-)

Anyway, to celebrate the 10th birthday of Mosaic tomorrow, NCSA is hosting a 10th Anniversary Webcast:

On April 29, the center that helped bring the Web into so many lives will host a symposium that will reflect on the impact of Mosaic and look ahead to the technology breakthroughs that will change our lives in the next decade.

Thanks NCSA, thanks Marc, thanks everybody who gave us the web! ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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