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HARDWARE: Intel announces PXA255 CPU
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Thursday, 27.03.03 - 15:50:59 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 6522x
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Intel has recently announced the new PXA255 processor. A pin compatible, drop-in replacement for the Intel® PXA250 processor, the PXA255 is a highly integrated, 32-bit RISC processor that is designed to deliver industry leading processing power with built-in multimedia capabilities for high performance and hand-held functionality.

The PXA255 will be available in 200mhz, 300mhz, and 400mhz versions. The Intel PXA255 processor exhibits better efficiency when compared to the system performance and power consumption of its predecessor, the Intel PXA250 processor. The improved performance can be attributed to the fact that the main system bus runs twice as fast at 200MHz, providing the 300mhz PXA255 nearly a 20% performance boost over that of the 400mhz PXA250 processor.

Intel has also lowered the voltage of the CPU to 1.3 volts at 400 MHz through a variety of manufacturing techniques, resulting in a lower power consumption of more than 30 percent in run mode and more than 60 percent in idle mode.

Intel will stop producing the PXA250 processors to make way for the new PXA255 processors. Manufacturers are urged to move up to the PXA255 processors by March 28.

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