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HOME ENTERTAINMENT: Building a Windows XP Media Center myself
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 04.05.04 - 16:24:21 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 12396x
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Well, it seems to become time to "upgrade" and merge my home entertainment system to something more fancy and state of the art and therefore I thought about building a Windows Media Center Edition "myself". Yes, I know - Windows XP Media Center Edition isn't available to buy but I'm in the happy situation that I have a MSDN subscription and as a MSDN subscriber you can download MCE for testing purpose.

What I wonder about if somebody here has any experiences with building a Media Center yourself? Because this PC would be based in the living room my girlfriend will not accept a "standard looking PC" under no circumstances and therefore I thought about something stylish and silent like a Shuttle Barebone PC System but wonder if that system can host a Media Center anyway?

I've tried to find out more about MCE requirements like TV card, CPU and sound card but since this is still pretty new and also not available from too many vendors the MCE information are still limited. So any clues you can give me would be highly appreciated, in case you already have any Barebone or MCE experiences or even better you have yourself running Media Center on a Barebone system... ;-)

Next question is about the TV card. Here in Munich, where I live, we will be switched from analogue antenna (and no, I don't have cable nor satellite today) to DVB-T (let me call it "the digital antenna") and I wonder if there are DVB-T MCE compatible TV cards already available!? As more I investigate this topic the more questions rising up... :roll:

So if you have any experiences, thoughts, links, resources, addresses, phone numbers or E-Mail addresses - please let me know.

Cheers ~ Arne