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HOW TO: Configure the Compaq GSM/GPRS Wireless Pack for GPRS Internet access
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 26.04.02 - 11:35:00 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials - Viewed 15178x
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With the Compaq iPAQ Wireless GSM/GPRS Pack you are able to connect to GSM networks worldwide - thanks to its triple-band GSM functionality but you are also able to setup GPRS connections for Internet or WAP access. However, first of all you have to configure the jacket properly to connect to the GPRS network.

Find here what and how to configure the Jacket for a successful GPRS data connection.


First of all, you must attach the Jacket to your iPAQ. At the first time you do, all necessary software will be installed from the Wireless Pack to the iPAQ. After the soft-reset you will find the Wireless Pack icon in the start menu. Tap this icon to open the Voice Center. Now tap on the [Voice] icon and your iPAQ will asks for your SIM card PIN. Enter the PIN and tap [ok].

Your Wireless Pack should connects itself to the GSM and GPRS network. That your iPAQ is successfully logged into the GSM network is indicated by the signal strength meter in the Taskbar and the operator name appears on the virtual keypad.

However not less important is the "G" above the signal strength meter. This indicates that your jacket is also successfully connected to the GPRS network. If you don't see the "G" on the Taskbar, change your location to attach the Wireless Pack to a new BTS (GSM "Access Point") or try to verify with a GPRS enabled mobile phone if GPRS is currently available in your area.

Setting up the Wireless Pack

Before you can connect the Internet now, you must configure your Wireless Pack first. This is similar to a standard modem connection, where you also have to define where to dial in. However, in that case you don't have to use a dial-up telephone number but GPRS specific settings.

Tap [Start] -> [Settings] ->  [Connections]
Tap [GPRS/GSM] icon
This icon is only available if the Wireless Pack was installed successful
Tap [New GPRS Connection...] to setup your new Internet dialup
Here you can also setup regular GSM-CSD connections
Enter a name for the GPRS connection in the first row
Enter the Access Point Name* into the second row
Tap on the [TCP/IP tab] and enter the TCP/IP settings*, if required
Tap the [Name Server] tab and enter the DNS addresses*, if required Tap the [Qos] (Quality of Service) tab
Here you shouldn't change anything but leave it on Subscribed**

* Your GSM/GPRS operator should give you the APN, TCP/IP settings and DNS server. As a minimum you will need the APN, that's a kind of dial-in number for the GPRS Jacket. If you haven't this data right now, you can not configure your Jacket.
Please ask your operator for assistance.
** QoS is defined in the GSM specifications but not used today by any GSM/GPRS operator in the world. So don't change any settings there otherwise you could disable GPRS connections as the GPRS jacket sends wrong settings to the network!

That's it, now tap [ok] in the upper corner and you are back in the overview
Here you find your new connection now

Connection to the Internet

To connect with the Internet you must switch to the connection folder. Here you have also to make some more small changes before you can connect.
Change the Internet dialup from [Internet Settings] to [Compaq Wireless Pack] Tap Modify... and check if your previously configured connection appears there but don't change anything here!
Tap the [Proxy Settings] tab if you need to use a Proxy server for your Internet connections
Here you can also add the WAP Gateway IP address if you want to setup a WAP GPRS connection
That's it. Now tap [ok] to return to the Connection Manage
Tap [Connect] and insert your User Name and Password - if required
Activate [Save Password] if you don't want to be asked for this dialog every time
To connect, tap the [OK] button now
The Wireless Pack starts dialing...
...and should be connected a little bit later Done! You are connected to the Internet through GPRS with your Wireless Pack

Enjoy the Wireless Internet with your Compaq Wireless Pack. With its 4 channels for downstream and 2 for upstream, it's one of the fastest GPRS devices, available on the market today. Most GPRS mobile phone supports 3 + 1 only.

Cheers ~ Arne