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HOW TO: Setting Up a GPRS Connection for Win XP and USB using O2 xda II
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 02.12.03 - 13:00:52 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials - Viewed 81494x
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Connecting a Windows XP Notebook to GPRS by using the HTC Himalaya aka PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition/O2 xda II/T-Mobile MDAII as modem is is pretty easy if you know how to do it. This is a step-by-step which works for all Windows XP Notebooks and Desktops with all HTC Himalayas and should works for all GSM/GPRS carriers world wide

Before you can setup the Himalaya as an USB modem you must first download and install the driver called USBMDM.inf and USBModem_Dialer.exe you can download here from PPCW.Net.


  • Make sure your Pocket PC Phone Edition isn't connect with your PC by disabling the USB port in the ActiveSync settings on your PC.
  • On the device tap Start -> Settings -> Connections -> Beam -> and disable "Receive all incoming beams".
  • Now tap Start -> Programs -> Wireless Modem.
  • As "Connection Type" selected "USB" and tap the "Start" button.
  • Now connect your Phone Edition with your PC by using the USB cradle or a USB sync cable.
  • Your PC will found a new hardware:
  • Select "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and press "Next".
  • Select "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install." from the next screen and press "Next" again.
  • Your modem should be recognized now. To install the Himalaya driver select "Have Disk" and press "Next".
  • Find the file "USBMDM.inf" (you've downloaded previously), select it and press "Open".
  • Confirm to install that driver and if you get a warning that this driver hasn't passed the Windows XP Logo certification continue anyway.
  • Done, the new driver was successfully installed if you see the following message:
  • After installation you have a new USB Modem called "HTC USB Modem" in Control Panel
    -> Phone and Modem Options on your PC.

Dialing GPRS

  • Open "USBModem_Dialer.exe" which was also the part of the ZIP file you've previously downloaded from PPCW.Net.
  • Enter "User Name:", "Password" you need to access the GPRS network and add the "APN:" you carrier gave you.
  • Now press "Dial" to connect your PC via your HTC Himalaya to the GPRS network.
  • If everything went fine you will get a notification from Windows XP that you are successfully connected:

    And also you Pocket PC Phone Edition notifies you about a successful connection:

That's it, you are ready to enjoy the true wireless Internet through GPRS now - wherever you are and wherever you go!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Mike Vengo on 02.12.03 - 16:55:53

WOW Arne, I see that you have 230.4Kbps rate on your connection.  How did you manage that.  Here in the USA, I could only wish for such bandwidth.  Can't wait to try the modem connection when I get home.

Posted by Arne Hess on 02.12.03 - 16:58:24

Hehehe... ;-) That's my personal GPRS network I have here at home! ;-)

No, XP fails here all the time because it shows you the USB connection speed between your device and your PC - not the speed used on the wireless interface = GPRS! :-(

I also have lower rates between ~ 20 K - 45 K...

Posted by arebelspy on 02.12.03 - 18:42:58

Great article.  I'm bookmarking it for future useage.  smile


Posted by DubWireless on 02.12.03 - 19:47:59

Cool - great to get the drivers etc.

The only issue I came across with one of our operators here (O2 IRL) currently don't automatically supply the DNS settings on connection so they have to be manually entered

The USBModem_Dialer.exe app is handy in that it writes the access point name into the HTC USB modem's init dialling string for you, it also created a Dial-Up Networking profile named: HTC USB modem (Wireless Modem)

However every time you run USBModem_Dialer.exe it will overwrite any custom settings applied to the dial-up networking profile such as DNS details

So the easiest way I had to configure it was to run the usbmodem_dialer.exe with the username, password and APN entered: this set up the modem's string for the access point, and the default settings for the dial-up networking profile

Then I cancelled the connection and went directly to the HTC USB modem (Wireless Modem) dial-up networking profile and manually configuring the TCP/IP properties to enter in the DNS addresses i needed, it also allowed me to edit the dialling options so i could enter the username, password and 'phone number' (*99#) for the connection

I then created a shortcut to the Dial-Up Networking profile and used that to connect - even using it to post this comment smile

Usually DNS details are set-up at connection, but some operators don't provide this and you need to enter DNS details yourself (otherwise you can't use any web address / domain names!) Just remember if you use the USBModem_Dialer.exe app again it will overwrite the connection settings back to the defaults.

Hope that helps if anyone else is in that situation where you may need custom Dial-Up Netowrking settings.


Posted by McHugh on 04.12.03 - 17:47:23

Awsome Arne! I noticed in the WModem app on the device that BlueTooth and IrDA are both available as connection methods. However I couldn't get them to work. Are there step-by-step instructions for getting this going? Bluetooth would be my first preferrence.


David McHugh

Posted by DubWireless on 05.12.03 - 04:03:55

For Bluetooth you can use your Bluetooth Adapters installed Bluetooth Modem, you just need to enter the Extra Dial (INIT) String manually. It may depend on you adapter how to do this, if you use the likes of 3COM or Toshiba post back and I'll load up their Bluetooth software and give it a try...

Have your operator's GPRS Access Point Name (ANP) ready, and open up the Modem Properties and Enter Advanced (or where you can enter the Extra Dial (INIT) String) and enter in the following, where apn is your Operators internet Access Point Name:



You then set up your dial-up networking profile using the Bluetooth Modem and the username and password dialling *99#

Make sure to pair your PC with the device and have Bluetooth enabled on the Pocket PC Phone Edition. Then set open the Wireless Modem app to be ready for a Bluetooth Connection and begin the dial-up connection from the PC:


Hope that helps (and the images appear!),


Posted by ali mouhanna on 05.12.03 - 04:04:32

what could one do to connect HTC pocket edition via infrared port to the laptop instead of the usb cable? Any tips similar to the very valuable ones listed for USBMDM? Appreciate your feedback!

Posted by Fidel on 05.12.03 - 14:01:20


thank you very much! You were very helpful in the Bluetooth GPRS modem setup of my TECOM BT USB adapter with the iMate. I really appreciated.

Just in case...any idea on how to get my Nokia BT carkit to work with the iMate?

Thanks again!

Posted by Ash Sharma on 08.12.03 - 20:53:50

With the previous instructions I was able to connect using USB cradle on my TABLET TC1000.

I have a socket bluetooth card which I am using to activesync using bluetooth.

When I go to install bluetooth modem through control panel there are no bluetooth modems available on my Tablet pc running xp.

I would need a Bluetooth modem driver from HTC - like the USBMDM.INF.

Once I get this driver I would have to create a HTC Bluetooth modem on my Tablet and Create a connection

If anyone can e mail theBluetooth modem driver I will appreciate ?

Posted by DubWireless on 09.12.03 - 00:19:23

@ ali mouhanna

I tried to get it working over InfraRed with XP over the weekend - but can't get it to work. XP usually recognises a 'modem infrared device' is connected and installed a standard driver (or specific driver if available) but it XP doesn't seem to sense a modem - well it doesn't for me sad - unlike if I use a Nokia or SonyEricsson handset...

If you are using Windows 2000 there is a guide available on the MyXDA site that uses a 3rd Party application to enable a COM Port so you can attach a standard modem to it:

@ Fidel

I've only tried it with the Headset profile offerd by my PC's Bluetooth Adapter, so if your Nokia car kit supports that profile it should hopefully work for you also. I opened Connections Settings and searched for new Bluetooth devices. From the list I selected the one that supported the Bluetooh profile and paired with the device. When that was over a notice came on screen saying "This bluetooh device supports headset profile, would you like to set it as your bluetooth headset?" Yes / No. I tapped Yes and the device was then set as my bluetooth headset.

On the Today screen I tapped the Bluetooh Headset Icon to enable the bluetooth headset mode. Calls were then diverted to use the Bluetooh headset for audio. Tapping the Icon again toggled the headset off, so that audio was then kept on the device. You can toggle where the audio should go by tapping the Bluetooth Headset icon on and off.

@ Ash Sharma

If you can identify the COM port associated with the Dial-Up Networking Bluetooth Profile, you may be able to associate a Standard Modem with it in order to 'dial-up' via Bluetooth


Posted by Fidel on 11.12.03 - 12:02:49


Thanks a lot , unfortunately it didn't work. My TECOM USB BT adapter seems not to support any headset profile, so I was unable to assign it to the carkit (you should have seen me inside my car with the laptop...). I'll keep trying, I'm contacting TECOM for support.

Anyhow, has anyone tried the ECHO or Parrot BT solution for the car?. I'm referring to those that don't need instalation at all, you just plug them in your car's lighter. Has anyone tried them with the iMate?

Thanks in advance!

Posted by DubWireless on 11.12.03 - 21:53:57


ok maybe i didn't explain myself too well smile - my Bluetooh USB adapter offeres the Headset profile, so it can 'simulate' it is a headset for use with Phones/Handsets that can connect to a Bluetooth Headset - so I was just using it as an example of the headset profile working (as I don't have a car kit - or a car for that matter! wink)

so what you need to do is try and pair your iMate with your Nokia car kit (in the same way as I paired my iMate to my PC while it 'simulated' it was a headset...

i.e. on the iMate open Connection Settings and in Bluetooth search for new Bluetooth devices, hopefully your car kit will appear in the list of discovered Bluetooh devices for you to try and pair with it

if soccessful and iMate discovers the headset profile, it should display a message on screen saying "This bluetooh device supports headset profile, would you like to set it as your bluetooth headset?" Yes / No.

hope I made better sense this time around, and that it works out for you smile


Posted by Amd on 14.12.03 - 10:54:31

I need to download USBModem_Dialer.exe to connect with my PC. I search for this files in my CD i-mate driver not found.

Posted by DubWireless on 15.12.03 - 05:25:33


The download is available here:

Using the link to "USB Modem Driver".


Posted by karan on 16.01.04 - 20:36:09

Can u please send me the drivers for imate aka xdaII usbmodem.inf and the usbmodem_dialer.exe




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