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HOW TO: Setting Up a GPRS Connection for Win XP and USB using Smartphone 2002
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 30.06.03 - 19:14:16 CET under 11 - Tips and Tutorials - Viewed 83738x
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Connecting a Windows XP Notebook to GPRS by using the Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone 2002 as modem is is pretty easy if you know how to do it. This is a step-by-step which works for all Windows XP Notebooks and Desktops with all HTC Smartphones like the Orange SPV; PPCW.Net i-Mate, Orange SPV100 and others and works for all GSM/GPRS carriers world wide.

Installing the USB Modem Driver on the Notebook
Before you can setup a connection and dial into the GPRS network of your cellular operator, you have to add the USB driver to your Notebook, otherwise Windows XP will not recognize the Smartphone as a modem.

  • On your Smartphone open "Modem Link" and select [Connection: USB].
  • [Activate] the modem from [Menu] now.
  • Now connect your USB cradle or USB cable (like BoxWave's miniSync) with your Smartphone and the USB port on your Notebook.
  • Windows XP will recognize the Smartphone as a new USB device an will start to install the required modem driver.
  • Before you can install the driver, download the modem driver from PPCW.Net and store it anywhere on the hard disk.
  • Now select the location where you have stored the driver.
  • Windows XP will notifies you that the driver isn't digital signed so click [Continue Anyway].
  • Now the driver will be copied to the appropriate location.
  • If the installation was successful you will get a notification from Windows XP

    and you will see additional pop-up notifications:

Configuring the USB Modem Driver on the Notebook
Now you need to configure this modem to make sure it dials correctly into the GPRS network of your carrier. Make sure that the USB connection in "Modem Link" on your Smartphone is still "Active".

  • Open "Control Panel" in XP and select "Phone and Modem Options".
  • Here the new modem called "HTC USB Modem" should appear. If so click [Properties].
  • Make sure that XP indicates the "Device status" as "This device is working properly".
  • Now select the [Modem] tab and disable [Wait for dial tone before dialing].
  • Select [Advanced] tab now. This is the most important part of the whole configuration.
    Here you have to add the appropriate settings for your GPRS connection and have to tell the Smartphone which "APN" (Access Point Node) should be used for connection. The APN is pretty similar to a Proxy Server and operators might use more than one/different for different services. Typically an operator has up to three APNs within the network: one for Internet, one for WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and maybe one for MMS (Mobile Multimedia Messaging System).
    Depending on which service you want to create a connection to, you have to use the appropriate APN name. Your operator or its web site can give you the APN names.

    Unlike on Pocket PCs you have to use "AT" in front of the dial-string which should looks like this:


    If you have already used GPRS with your Pocket PCs and any other cell phone you might notice the ',"",0,0' behind the APN. With the Smartphone this values are absolute required, otherwise the Smartphone wont connect to GPRS!
  • Click [OK] to save the settings now.

Creating a Dial-Up Connection
Now you have configured everything proper and you can finally create a dial-up connection.

  • Open the "New Connection Wizard" in XP and select [Connect to Internet] and click [Next].
  • Chose [Set up my connection manually] and click [Next] again.
  • Select [Connect using a dial-up modem] and tap again [Next].
  • Now you need to select which modem should be used for this connection. If you have several modems installed/available on your Notebook make sure to select [Modem - HTC USB Modem] only and deselect all other available modems.
  • In the next mask you can give your connection any meaningful name.
  • As [Phone number:] enter the typical GPRS connection number "*99#".
  • If your carrier requires any [User name] and [Password] enter it into the next fields.
  • That's it, your new GPRS connection is ready to dial.

Dialing a GPRS Connection
Now your Windows XP Notebook is ready to connect to GPRS by using your Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone.

  • Before you dial from your Notebook, always make sure your enable the [USB Connection] on your Smartphone.
  • Now open you [Connect to] option on your Notebook and open your connection.
  • Press [Dial] and your Notebooks dial out into the GPRS network using your Smartphone as modem.
  • If everything worked fine you should get connected to the Internet.

That's it, you are ready to enjoy the true wireless Internet through GPRS now - wherever you are and wherever you go!

Cheers ~ Arne

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