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INBOX: Automatic E-Mail up- and download with HD Mail Page
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 05.06.03 - 10:11:43 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6279x
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Huu 8O - I've missed this application which Pocket PC Thoughts is reporting about but it seems it's that kind of Inbox enhancement I was waiting for since introduction of Pocket PCs in April 2000:

HD Mail Page - a Pocket PC application for unattended E-Mail upload and download. :-D
Provides Blackberry-like E-Mail functionality on your Pocket PC using your standard email account and standard connections like wired Ethernet, wireless Ethernet (802.11b) or dialup!


  • Checks for E-Mail at predetermined time intervals and notifies you if any new email has arrived (Without user intervention!)
  • Works with your standard Inbox E-Mail accounts
  • Can indicate E-Mail available by audio tone, LED flash, or popup message on the Pocket PC display
  • Can be configured to check multiple E-Mail accounts
  • Automatically powers the Pocket PC on and off to conserve power
  • Works over any standard connection

HD Mail Page costs US$ 19.95; in addition a 15 days trial version is available also.

Cheers ~ Arne

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