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INBOX FIX: Get rid of those " -1" Unread Messages from your Inbox
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Tuesday, 08.04.03 - 17:26:35 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 12422x
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How many of you have ever experienced getting "-1" Unread Messages in your Inbox when in fact your Inbox has No Unread Messages or No Messages at all? I know I have experienced this occurence once and no matter how many times I reset my device, renew the partnership, or purge the Inbox, there still remains that annoying "-1" Unread Message.

Well, a fix has finally been developed. Authentic Relmerator Technology has come up with FixUnreadCount v1.0 This utility is a small 9KB exe file that fixes the unread count for every mail folder in every account on the device. This utility will detect and repair these discrepencies.

Just copy the exe file into the Pocket PC and simply run the exe file using file explorer.

From the creator - "It's not flashy, but it does the job :)"

I have not been able to test this, but for those who have the "-1" Unread Message bug, please let us know how it performs.

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Posted by rich on 20.04.03 - 19:54:17

Didn't work for me - ran ok, but still have the "2 unread messages" message :-(

Posted by Tim Schlüter on 20.04.03 - 22:50:33

I have a much more severe problem: My xda switches on when it receives an sms. I don't want this since this "power on" neutralizes the button-block. Also it obviously makes the display touch-sensitive again - things you don'T want when its in your pocket...

Has anyone help?



Posted by Ray Li on 04.05.03 - 06:50:25

I ran the program successfully and the program showed all ok.  However, it did not fix the problem that shows incorrect message on my Today's screen, "Inbox: 3 Unread Messages".

Posted by Doug Strain on 05.09.03 - 21:27:56

It worked great for me. I consistently showed 4 more Unread messages than really existed, and now it has the right number. Thanks!

Posted by James Gallagher on 30.09.03 - 09:17:22

Worked great for me! Thanks

Posted by Kevin Forbes? on 21.10.03 - 21:27:55

I've heard various reports that this little prgramme helps but I can't find it anywhere to download now.  Does anyone have a copy

Posted by Kevin Forbes? on 21.10.03 - 21:27:58

I've heard various reports that this little prgramme helps but I can't find it anywhere to download now.  Does anyone have a copy

Posted by Bill Walshe on 23.11.03 - 15:13:04

Anyone know if there is a patch for SMS numbers from contacts for the i-mate 2003? International numbers stored in Outlook contacts beginning with a + for international dialing transfer into the SMS address line without the + 

Any thoughts?

Posted by loveday on 22.04.04 - 11:43:04

íæÌÏ ãÔßáå ÚäÏí Ýí ÇáÇãíá ÇáÑÌÇÁ ÇáãÓÇÚÏå ÍíË íÈíä áí ÈÇäå íæÌÏ ÑÓÇÆá ÛíÑ ãÞÑæÁå ÇáÑÌÇÁ ÇÚáÇãí ÇáØÑíÞå áßì ÇÞÑÄåÇ

Posted by Matt on 23.04.04 - 23:12:48

I was able to download the app at this location.  It worked like a charm for me.  I had -1  unread.  It always screwed up the syncronization.

Posted by drstone on 23.11.04 - 15:51:04

I was looking for a fix since a long time when I found this forum!
It worked fine on my iPAQ 5550.
Thanks a lot!

Posted by Aleshia Wheat on 28.02.05 - 21:53:45

[6] hey if this is the Kevin Forbes who went to Mills Jr. me back its Aleshia.....

Posted by homer_b on 12.07.05 - 09:39:50

Worked great! Set my supposed 222 unread emails back to 0.

Posted by CG on 14.07.05 - 15:24:14

Worked fine for the Inbox, but didn't touch the 'Drafts' folder for some reason. Still says I have 12 unread messages in it when I don't have any.

Posted by Madbot on 16.08.05 - 17:47:52

It went through and did the right counts (9 unread fixed to now 0 unread)

Except it now tells me I have 10 unread mail - it actually added one :-/

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