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INFRASTRUCTURE: IBM introduces Wireless Network Roaming
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 16.08.02 - 21:20:00 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 6427x
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IBM yesterday announced their Everyplace Wireless Gateway solution, which the company claims offers secure, seamless roaming between different types of wireless networks including Wireless LANs, cellular, private mobile radio and satellite networks. The solution also supports multiple device types, IBM said.

Devices that are capable of being used on more than one network architecture typically need to be restarted or reconfigured when changing networks. IBM claims that its Everyplace Wireless Gateway can detect and switch between networks without the need to restart the device.

The solution, according to the company, attempts to direct high-volume data transfers to higher speed data networks, like WLANs, and avoids the costs incurred by tranferring data over slower networks like cellular.

An example of a customer that will be using the IBM solution is the Toronto Police Service. The Toronto Police will use the Everyplace Wireless Gateway to power its eCOPS (Enterprise Case and Occurrence Processing System). Currently under development, eCOPS will enable wireless devices in the patrol cars to seamlessly roam between lower speed, but wider reaching, Radio Networks and strategically placed Wi-Fi networks, enabling the faster exchange of data when needed. When eCOPS is deployed, police officers will increase productivity with the ability to file reports in real time regardless of their location. Additionally, urgent information on suspected criminals will be put in the hand of officers in the matter of seconds thereby increasing the safety of the citizens and the officer. This can also lead to the early arrest of criminals and recovery of stolen goods.

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