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INSIGHT: The truth about the HTC Himalaya USB (de-)charging problem
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 24.11.03 - 16:59:18 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 9151x
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Following last weeks news that the Boxwave miniSyc cable for xda II is available now and the discussion in the comments and the forum if a HTC Himalaya can be charged by USB I received further news!
According to HTC there is actually no difference in the pin structure of the HTC Himalaya to the previous HTC Wallaby (xda 1)! However, the Himalaya seems to have a bug which HTC actually is correcting.

The bug seems not to allow the device to be charged with low amperage power sources such as through the USB port! This was an early bug found through Microsoft own development with the device, and the fix corrects the low current charging problem. HTC has corrected this problem for some by providing a fix to update their software.

Currently it's not sure if HTC is planning to roll out this bug fix/update (most likely not), or if they are only including this fix on newer shipments, but it was a not so well known bug that has been discovered.

I expect this bug latest fixed with a ROM update (End User Update aka EUU) which is released on a non-regular base for all Pocket PCs. This EUUs contains fixes from the OEMs as well as from Microsoft to improve the operating system as well as the hardware.

However, the good and for me more important news is that the pins are still the same as before with the xda 1 (HTC Wallaby platform) and therefore we can continue using our previous xda 1 accessories! :-)

As soon as I have news about the fix/EUU I will let you know here.

Cheers ~ Arne