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INTERVIEW: Craig Eisler, CEO Action Engine
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 08.08.02 - 21:53:00 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 8416x
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PPCW.Net: Craig - thanks for the time of presentation. I’m very impressed of Action Engine today. How do you see the near future of Action Engine and its services, what we will see as next?
An 18-year technology veteran and former seven-year Microsoft executive, Craig joins Action Engine Corporation from the software giant's Streaming Media Division. As the former general manager of the Windows Media Platform Group, Craig played an integral role with his work on products such as Windows Media Player 6.2 and Windows Media Audio. Previously, Craig was Microsoft's chief architect for Internet Multimedia, the source of multimedia technologies for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Craig is also one of three former Microsoft executives featured in Michael Drummond's book, Renegades of the Empire, which is an uncensored look at how these pioneers took the philosophies and lessons learned at Microsoft and unleashed a revolution in the software industry.
Craig graduated from the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada with joint honors degrees in applied mathematics and computer science. Craig enjoys sports cars, and still revels in his old pastime of building computers and computer games.

CRAIG EISLER: Thank you, we love hearing comments like that. You will see the selection of radically efficient and addictive services for our platform grow. You will also see these services available on more and more devices and smartphones this year.

PPCW.Net: How do you see My Action Engine compared to WAP services on mobile devices like Pocket PCs or Smartphone 2002 and why do you believe,, Action Engine brings the user more benefits than using the Web on this devices?

CRAIG EISLER: Because of our smart client that runs natively on each device, we do most of the interactions with the user prior to sending data across the network. This process allows us to maximize the power of the device and minimize the amount of data and the time spent sending and receiving data. To perform most tasks, our platform will make one small and compressed round-trip to our Smart Server as opposed to WAP or browsing models that require numerous connections and a constant signal. Action Engine performed a comparison-study between our platform and Pocket IE. Using our platform to book a flight, make restaurant reservations, and get driving directions from the airport to the restaurant require only 47.3kb of data and took less than 240 seconds to complete. Performing the same tasks with Pocket IE using mobile versions of those websites required more than 1.5 Mbytes of data to be passed back and forth and took more than 45 minutes to complete. These figures really highlight what kind of improvement a browser-less approach to mobile data can yield.

PPCW.Net: Where do you see the benefit for mobile operators to implement Action Engine services on the network? At least it might reduce the transferred data amount, compared to WAP or classical Web services.

CRAIG EISLER: The key benefits to mobile operators include the ability to quickly roll-out a turn-key system that supports integrated billing and commerce, MMS, wireless provisioning, and the ability to gain and retain loyal wireless data users. From a carrier’s perspective, our mobile web services platform will provide addictive and efficient mobile services that their customers will rely on for fast access to critical data. When the carrier gains customers who keep coming back for more wireless data, everybody wins.

PPCW.Net: Talking about applications, how can a developer starts developing Action Engine conform applications, is there a White Paper or even an SDK available today?

CRAIG EISLER: You are right. White Papers are being written right now and about the SDK, this will announced soon!

PPCW.Net: Talking about the future, is there anything you think about streaming, let me say streaming a the latest regional news of the destination I’m going to fly to or do you see Action Engine more in the traditional text based content delivering?

CRAIG EISLER: Action Engine’s Mobile Web Services Platform allows rich and interactive content and services to be delivered, wirelessly, to the customers who need those services. Because our platform employs both client-side and server-side context-sharing and learning engines, targeting location-based data that is relevant to the user where they are at a given time becomes a very powerful advantage today. In the future, you will see service providers leverage context and inference capabilities for location-based services in new and exciting ways. Certainly streaming and alerts-based notifications will be in that category.

PPCW.Net: Thank you Craig for your feedback.

Cheers ~ Arne


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