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LAUNCH: Orange Denmark to introduce the HTC Himalaya aka O2 xda II
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 03.11.03 - 19:01:34 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7129x
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According to Orange Denmark's website, the Scandinavian carrier will introduce the HTC Himalaya as "Orange SPV 2020".
While my Danish is a little bit rusty ;-) and also my Google translation doesn't works it seems as you can already preorder it for 4.999 kr (around 673 Euro) including a contract.

Pretty interesting news; it seems Orange really takes it serious to release self-branded devices and for sure they are the busiest carrier to license devices: HTC Canary, HTC Tanager, Treo 600, HTC Voyager and now the HTC Himalaya which will become Orange's first Pocket PC (Phone Edition).
No words if the other Orange shares in UK or France are also ready to release the Himalaya.

Any Danish visitors here who can translate it (in their mind) and give us a short update if I missed anything?

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Arne Hess on 04.11.03 - 12:48:56

Kenneth from Denmark was friendly enough to compile a fast translation of the most important features and you will be staggered like me about some facts of the Danish release:

* According to the Phone Edition will also be available without a contract for 9.998 kr. (which is about € 1.350).

* Also, the OS-language in Denmark will be English, but the phone will support the three "extra" Danish letters Æ, Ø and Å.

* Finally, MMS support won't be available until first half of 2004, which really stinks!

That's all from the Danish translator :-)

He also called Orange DK customer service and they said it will be available on November 20th!!!

Thanks a lot Kenneth for keeping us updated but let me add my thoughts also:

* 9.998 kr./€ 1.350 for a "xda II" without contract? 8O I know that your VAT in Denmark is pretty high but that much!? And I thought the PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition is expensive... ;-) What does the guys at Orange smokes? I mean sorry, but a difference of around 700 € between a subsidized and non-subsidized devices seems to be a little bit too much... :?

* Great to hear that you will get your Danish letters too and I feel your pain to use a device without "our" special Germanic characters (originally my surname is Heß, not Hess but if I would tell you guys my name is Heß most of you would call me Heb, right ? ;-))

* Letting MMS out of such a device also doesn't makes any sense. I thought carriers are looking for ARPU increasing services and push MMS; so why to let it out? Even if customers can install it later, it will - I'm sure as long as it isn't a ROM update - be installed into the RAM which occupies customer's storage space! :?

Posted by Helio Diamant on 05.11.03 - 10:07:12

Well, Arne, unfortunately not all countries have easy access to technology like Germany, so new devices like this come out pretty expensive. Let me just tell you that in Israel the original XDA is still sold for a price above the 1,000 Euro.

Posted by Poul Petersen on 10.11.03 - 01:28:41

The phone is sold in Denmark under the name QTEK 2020 at

It is availible 10. novenber 2003 for a price at 8245,- DKR. Datasheet in english at

Posted by Carlo on 14.11.03 - 13:02:17

Have a look at this (only italian) :-(


Posted by Alexander on 28.12.03 - 09:56:06


I'm leaving in Israel. Some people are speaking of Orange promotion, concerning GPRS offers with a Qtec xda.

Do you know that ?

Thanks for your help


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