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LEAKED OR FAKE?: Is Vodafone working on a live! Smartphone version?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 08.04.03 - 16:21:31 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 5897x
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I got the following photo sent by someone anonymous (some weeks ago) which shows a Vodafone live! user interface on a HTC Canary. No more details was given, only the photo and my first thought was that it was Photoshop. But now,  Nghia from PDA France, just published a set of pictures (see right picture below), he made on Möbius last week which reminds me on the photo I got and makes me thinking again if it was Photoshop or not?

So now I truly wonder if this could be true and Vodafone is really working on a Windows Powered Smartphone which includes Vodafone's live! concept or if it is pure Photoshop? Overall it might makes sense as with the upcoming Mitac clamshell Smartphone; a Vodafone live! compliant Windows Powered mobile phone becomes available which also includes the digital camera which all life! phones has today.

Unfortunately the picture (left) is a little bit small but as you can definitely see in the red top bar, the application name is "Vodafone live!" and the icons below looks pretty much like the live! service.

On the other hand - on the PDA France - the MSN Messenger looks like Pocket MSN I wrote about last week.

Again, I have no clue if it is true or a fake but anyhow - that photo is good enough to be published here as two innovative concepts would/could become one: the Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone platform and the Vodafone live! service which isn't based on a propriety technology like i-mode but based on real GSM services like SMS, MMS and downloadable services.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Mock Up on 08.04.03 - 19:51:49

As I'm working for VF I can say that both photos are mock-ups!

The device photo is for sure a fake and the PDA France screen shots seems like something Microsoft is dreaming about. ;-)

There is no Smartphone based live! handset in the pipeline, unfortunately. :-( As long as there is nothing released, I have to carry an Orange Smartphone with me and have to hide it in the office. ;-)

Posted by mo on 09.04.03 - 04:42:25

i recognise the UI on Smartphone, Its from the Panasonic gd87. I had high hopes on this post, i am a vodafone user and i am waiting for a MS-Smartphone i will have to wait for the mitac or the Compal Smartphone!

Posted by Nick on 09.04.03 - 07:41:24

Mock Up, what makes you so sure? Not to ask you where within Vodafone you are working but isn't this company big enough that the left hand might not knows what the right hand is doing? ;-)

The hope dies as latest. :-)


Posted by smitty on 09.04.03 - 20:24:54

did anyone notice that the bottom pics actually say Verizon Wireless, not Vodafone? These are mock ups without a doubt.

Posted by Arne Hess on 09.04.03 - 20:30:42

@smitty: This says nothing, I've also joined the presentation and it was a PowerPoint presentation with some more slides of screenshots, so this slide contains two different UIs: the Vodafone and the Verizon...

Posted by Al on 09.04.03 - 21:16:11

Vodafone owns Verizon, or at least a large portion, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility that they're working together on the roll-out of mobile MSN for the Smartphone.  See this announcement from a year ago.


If it is still the intention of Verizon and Microsoft to pursue this together, then the picture from PDA France would fit perfectly with the indicated common goal.

Perhaps we will see the Samsung SCH-i600 after all.

Posted by smitty on 09.04.03 - 22:41:38

@hess: I didn't say they aren't real or could be real in the near future, I only stated that I believe they are mockups

Posted by Arne Hess on 10.04.03 - 13:01:36

@smitty: I didn't mean that you mean (how complicated ;-) ) it's real or unreal, I just wanted to note that from my point the VF and Verizon on the same slide says nothing as there was a lot of mixed screenshots.

If it is real or not - I don't know. Maybe they are mockups, maybe not - up to yours fantasy... :-)

Cheers ~ Arne

PS: Normally I'm called "Arne" or "Mr. Hess", "hess" only sounds so "devaluating"... 8O ;-)

Posted by smitty on 10.04.03 - 19:39:23

@Arne: sorry for the use of Hess, not sure why it would be devaluating since it is your name but all is well, I'll use Arne from now on.

Posted by Arne Hess on 10.04.03 - 19:50:19

smitty: Not a big deal at all, no problem mate! :-) But using the family name only sounds devaluating, which it isn't is - for sure not but it's the family name "only", not my very personal name... big_smile which is Arne...

Maybe it's also because many foreigners have a bad imagination of the name "Hess" only and that's why I so sensitive if it is used in this way...

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