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LIMITATION: Busy weeks and months are coming for me
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 13.02.04 - 19:49:44 CET under 06 - Site News - Viewed 8919x
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This week became an exciting one for me which might drive me a little bit away from my online presence at PPCW.Net which doesn't means that it is "on-hold" or "temporary down", but it forces me to shift the work more into the evening/weekend. As much I love working on/for/with PPCW.Net, it doesn't pays "all" my bills. As some of you might know, for 2 years I'm self-employed with my own small consultancy company. While I was working before for GSM carriers and Service Providers in several positions, latest as senior product manager and business developer for mobile data and value added services, I decided in 2002 to concentrate into the mobile data market more and therefore I've launched my own company which is still working closely with wireless operators.

However - this week I closed another deal with one of the major European GSM/GPRS/3G carriers to support them on some topics I can not speak about yet but for sure it's about my passions: GSM, Internet and Mobile Data. So I might be a little bit more limited with my online presence because it also includes some office days per week with them as well as it requires traveling.

The project is an exciting one - wish I could share more with you today which I can't - but during the time and process I can and will share more with you and most of you will be interested - I'm sure (since you folks here share my wireless data passion ;-)).

Again, please don't expect too much deeper changes for PPCW.Net but also don't expect too much news, views and reviews during the day - but more in the evening/weekend.

Cheers ~ Arne