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LINK: Create your own Mobile Blog with your Windows Mobile Smartphone
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 27.04.05 - 15:39:28 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 9549x
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teaser_link.gif"First, what's a moblog? A moblog, or a mobile blog, is an online record of anything you feel like sharing with the world, whether they want it or not. The difference between moblogging and regular blogging is that you use your phone or Pocket PC to post text or pictures.
There are obvious advantages to this. If you get inspired in the middle of a meadow, at your favorite local watering hole, or on a road trip, you won't have to wait until you can get back to your desktop to send your thoughts and photos to the world.

Though moblogging isn't new, it has been gaining popularity and attention, though I don't think the uses of it have been fully explored. It seems a perfect way, for instance, for a real estate agent to show new properties to clients. I've been looking around for a house lately, and I'm frustrated by the lack of pictures on real estate sites. If an agent had a mobile blog, she could take pictures and immediately send them to her moblog."

Suzanne Ross, over at Microsoft's Windows Mobile site, provides a great introduction into moblogging and the ways you can moblog with your Windows Mobile Smartphone too.
If you don't have a Smartphone yet but a Pocket PC Phone Edition "only" don't worry - it's basically the same with Pocket PCs (as long as they can connect with the Internet).

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by ordxpres on 28.04.05 - 23:22:27


You are right about moblogging... and not only that.  I do have to say that it seems that real estate industry is the worst one to adopt new technologies offered these days.  Here in the US when you look at the sites of real estate companies you saa basic pictures but nothing fancy.  You'd thing that the agents would want to get on the band wagon and use the technology but it isn't so.  I remember about a year ago an article in the newspaper (I believe it was Chicago Tribune) about one real estate agent and how he was -in sync- with the technology.... GSM enabled Handspring (can I mention that name here as it's not PPC ;-)  ) and how he was utilizing it.. The guy ALWAYS had a digital camera with him and his Treo.  When he saw something interesting - right there he would take a picture and send to his customers right from on the spot.  That's how it should be.  I do wonder though that in not so distant past we did not have all the gadgets, digital cameras, pda's etc etc and we still survived.  These days though it makes you think how would one survive if we would be denied all those conveniences especially the -INTERNET-  I love living in this century and be able to experience everything as it changes right before our eyes.  So let's hope that everyone will adapt the technology (and they will) and enjoy all the conveniences it brings. 

P.S.  Speakig of friend who's doing some PC work on the side got a client who needed to have his pc fixed.... It was Intel 486 PC with A and B floppies.... I think it had Windows 3.1 on it... he asked me for help.  I told him that he should suggest to his client that instead of paying him to fix it - he should take that money $150 and buy a new pc.... I just bought one a month ago (brand new one) for $99 :-)


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