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LINK: The Engadget interviews Bill Gates - part 1
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 02.05.05 - 20:08:23 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 8657x
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Peter Rojas of engadget had a one to one inteview with Bill Gates last week and has recently published part one of this interview which is about Xbox, "Xbox Portable" and most interesting about the future of Windows Mobile.
A must read for all gadget and Windows Mobile lovers! ;-)

We couldn't pin him down for as long as we'd have liked, but Bill sat down with us at last week's Windows Hardware Engineering Conference for a one-on-one. The clock ran out before we were able to ask him about Portable Media Center, what smartphone he uses, and of course, getting knighted (among other things), but we were able to rap with him about the launch of the next Xbox console, whether or not Microsoft is going to come out with a competitor for the PlayStation Portable, and the future of Windows Mobile (plus lots more in part 2, which goes up tomorrow):

Well done Peter!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by jomni on 03.05.05 - 03:05:34

Very interesting indeed:
I kinda see Bill Gates hinting on mobile gaming to be an evolution of the Windows Mobile platform instead of making a portable XBox.  The OS, hardware, etc. are alrady in place... all we need are more powerful devices, mainstream software developer support, and gaming console form factor (ala Tapwave Zodiac).

I didn't bother buying the GameBoy Advance because I can already play GBA games on my HP iPAQ h2210 using the Morphgear software.  Hehehe.

Posted by djcootodal on 03.05.05 - 04:38:22

i wonder how much this will cost. and will it be big instead of having it compact but big enough to use.

Posted by micaels on 03.05.05 - 22:21:39

Very interesting:D Im esepecially looking forward the new XBOX. Anyone if XBOX 1 Games will be compatible with XBOX 2?

Posted by Arne Hess on 03.05.05 - 22:42:03

I've seen anywhere in the Internet that it is expected to be downgrade compatible. The minimum requirement for me to upgrade...

Posted by jomni on 04.05.05 - 02:25:06

Wow! Arne, didn't know you play the XBox.  Anyway, I'm not an Xbox user.  XBox games just don't appeal to me.  The PS2 still has be best library with regards to games.  Good graphics, don't make a good game.  It's the gameplay.  Bill Gates learned his lesson and says that the new XBox will have a more diverse library of games that will appeal to everyone.  Maybe MS will get it right this time.

Posted by micaels on 04.05.05 - 06:05:30

Arne Hess wrote:

I've seen anywhere in the Internet that it is expected to be downgrade compatible. The minimum requirement for me to upgrade...

Now I just have to ask you Arne what's your favorite game? Mine is midnight club 3 DUB edition.

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