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LINK: Why persistent storage is a good thing
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 18.07.05 - 18:02:02 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 8229x
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Mauricio over from Geekzone found an interesting posting from Mike Calligaro of the Microsoft Windows Mobile development team at the "Windows Mobile Team Blog" which explains a little bit more detailed, why Microsoft lately moved to persistent storage for Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PCs (persistent storage was already part of the Windows Mobile 2002 Smartphones) and what's the benefits are (we all know - never lose your data again)
Also Mikes gives some inside views, how persistent storage can affect your battery stand-by positive, etc.

Here's a quick primer on why you want Persistent Storage on your Pocket PCs.

Persistent Storage (PS) on Pocket PC is new for Windows Mobile 5.0. (All Smartphones since the original 2002 release have had PS.)

Previously, your user data (email, contacts, calendar, settings, apps you installed, etc) were stored in RAM. RAM has the advantage of being really fast, but the significant disadvantage of needing a constant source of power for it to hold its data. Leave your device unplugged for long enough, and you'll lose all your data. Fixing that was the primary reason for moving Pocket PCs to Persistent Storage.

PS gives you a nice sense of certainty about your data. Batteries running low? No problem. Worst case, the device shuts off and you can't use it again until you get to a power supply. But when you get there, it'll boot back up and all your data will still be there.

But PS has a number of other effects that might not be quite so obvious.

Would you believe that moving to PS can double your battery life and enable devices with significantly more storage than were previously possible?

Absolutely worth to read! Now I still wonder why it took so long to introduce it; even my 10 years old Apple Newton still has my appointments from 10 years ago (and it was out of battery for the last 8 years) as well as Palm's never lost any data. Anyway, finally also Windows Mobile arrived in the 21st century. ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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