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LOCKOUT: T-Mobile's MDA Pro available with SIM-Lock only?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 06.09.05 - 14:41:38 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 22761x
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Something weird happens with T-Mobile Germany's MDA Pro (HTC universal) which is on sale since last week: As a matter of fact, it's available with SIM-Lock only, even if you pay the full price! While it is typical in Germany that prepaid/PAYG devices are sold with SIM-Lock, it's unusual that these kind of expensive devices (you can either buy subsidized with a contract of without a contract for the regular price) are on sale with a SIM-Lock and even if so, normally you either get the SIM-Unlock code if you buy it without a contract but full price (which is 749,94 Euro for the MDA Pro) or the shop will unlock if for you before it is given.

Not with the MDA Pro. If you pick it up from a shop today, it's SIM-Locked and neither the salesman nor T-Mobile customer care is able to provide a SIM-Unlock code yet. Which makes it getting worse is the fact, that T-Mobile haven't made the first customers aware of this behavior (actually it looks as there are two different sales packs in the shops: one with and one without the notification that this device is SIM-Locked where devices, without the notification are SIM-Locked too).

While it seems, T-Mobile will receive the SIM-Unlock codes this week, it makes me wonder how a carrier can launch a device in this condition? I mean, T-Mobile also launched in the past a BlackBerry client for the MDA III which was so buggy, that no other carrier launched it but actually customers were able to downgrade the ROM to a BlackBerry free version. However, right now customers with other SIM cards than T-Mobile SIMs can not use the device and it's - well - it's a "Pocket PC w/o Phone Edition" or you have to use WiFi and Skype to make your calls. :-(

I hope, T-Mobile will get it fixed ASAP!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Mobile Phone Fan 3 on 06.09.05 - 15:39:38

What about HTC Universal being sold at E-Plus Germany? HTC Universal is such a fantastic phone that it is a sin to use it witout flat rate.

BTW: have you ordered E-Plus flat rate already, Arne? I am sooo excited about it...

Posted by TFS on 06.09.05 - 16:25:31

simlock is incorrect, it´s only a netlock!

Posted by Thomas on 06.09.05 - 18:25:02

TFS wrote:

simlock is incorrect, it´s only a netlock!

can you explain the difference please?
can i use my o2 usim with the pro?

Posted by Frank on 06.09.05 - 19:22:30

What a scandal! Wonder why the "so called main stream media" like Golem, ZD Net News or Heise aren't writing about it?
Maybe they wait until they got their review MDA? wink Good to know that sites like yours and msmobiles keeps us up to date.
BTW: Just came from your digital lifestyle mobile blog, cool! Well done! Keep up the great work for the community and T-Mobile - you lost a customer! I will buy it from i-mate now, even if I have to wait one or two weeks longer! P*ss off!

Posted by WorldofPPC on 08.09.05 - 11:52:43

A SIMLock lkocks the devices so that it is only usable with a specific SIM card, normally the one sold with the device (classical appearance: Prepaid phones).
A NETLock locks the device to a specific carrier, in this case T-Mobile. You can use ANY card of that carrier, but none of other carriers...

Posted by Vic Roman on 07.10.05 - 12:41:40

Hello Arne:

Do you know a link where I can download an English User Guide for the T-Mobile MDA Pro ? Hope you can help...  Thanks,

Vic Roman

Posted by Arne Hess on 07.10.05 - 13:26:41

Haven't found a PDF yet, but there is a online version of the Pro manual:

Posted by vashi melwani on 08.01.06 - 18:20:38

Vic Roman wrote:

Hello Arne:

Do you know a link where I can download an English User Guide for the T-Mobile MDA Pro ? Hope you can help...  Thanks,

Vic Roman


Posted by D. Mavin on 24.05.06 - 21:27:10

I recently purchased an MDA PRO simlocked to T mobile and my problem is nobody I have spoken to seems to know how it can be unlocked, even T-mobile staff. Can anyone help please????

Posted by Whistle blower on 25.05.06 - 17:42:30

D. Mavin: Look at

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