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MEMORY: Is your upgraded T-Mobile Phone Edition out of memory also?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 29.04.04 - 20:24:41 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6949x
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MEMORY: Is your upgraded T-Mobile Phone Edition out of memory also?

Today I got a "wake-up" call from John Crawford who recently upgraded his T-Mobile Phone Edition to Windows Mobile 2003, we've reported about here also. What he wrote me today doesn't seems that promising at all since it seems Windows Mobile 2003 on a U.S. T-Mobile Phone Edition has a serious memory problem. I'm publishing John's E-Mail with his permission here again:

I have an original T-Mobile (USA) Pocket PC Phone Edition and recently downloaded Windows Mobile 2003 from the T-Mobile website. Since the installation I continually get a screen prompt saying "Program memory Low" (suggesting turning off apps, or converting storage memory to program memory).

I have made several calls to T-Mobile, who now grudgingly admit there may be hundreds of users with this problem; they don't have a solution; they don't have a timeline for resolution and they can't advise any probable process for fixing the problem. I am told the matter is being treated with the 'greatest urgency' but T-Mobile says the problem is not of it's making - suggesting HTC are the problem.

Some users suggest it is the number of separate apps running at once, and that Windows Mobile 2003 SE includes a 'fix' for the problem, but it's not as simple as loading the SE version. I am writing to alert PPCW (and readers) about the issue, because I know there are many people suffering the problem, but there seems to be hardly any 'chat' in the forums. I think it's worth asking how many are having the problem.

At T-Mobile's suggestion I have done three hard resets; and on the most recent did not load any third party apps - problem continues.

Note: For the second time, T-Mobile has removed the software download from the website 'pending a resolution'.

Yours sincerely,

John Crawford

Now I wonder if John is the only one or not and what's your experiences if you've upgraded your Phone Edition also? I have to admit, that I've never tested it because I'm the in the U.S. but I was using another Beta version for my European Phone Edition where I've never seen that problem that much. Sure, a 32 MB device can run out of memory pretty fast but running out of memory after a hard reset without any applications installed seems to be a serious bug!

Any comments or recommendations?

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Rick Hays on 29.04.04 - 22:36:56

I too have upgraded my T-Mobile PPC to the 2003 and I have what I call memory leaks that once I run - then - close certian programs I do not get all my memory back.  I have to do a soft reset maybe once a day or more depending on what I run.  After reboot I have about 4M storage and about 10-11M for programs, that is with third party programs installed.  Which 95% are on the Storage card.  It would be nice to have some Memory program that would allow you to the storage card as part of main memory for running programs.  Oh well, will have to wait and see what T-Mobile does...

Posted by Marc Zimmermann on 29.04.04 - 22:40:48

No problem whatsoever with my 32MB MDA with the German 2003 upgrade. I've only soft reset it seven times since upgrading two weeks ago. I've been using it all this week, permanently logged into T-Mobile's network and didn't have to reset it a single time since more than a week now.

Posted by HomeDad on 30.04.04 - 07:34:42

I have had problems with memory leaks as well, having to soft reset 3-6times/day depending how much I use the internet.  Seems like I never get the memory back even when I have  Battery Pack's "Power Clean" feature cleaning up all the time.  At best I have 7mb program and 2mb memory.  Too bad T-Mobile  is going to the IPAQ 63xx.

Posted by Frank McPherson on 30.04.04 - 16:49:33

I have an upgraded U.S. T-Mobile phone edition, and I have noticed the significant impact on memory as well. I am curious if anyone has done a hard reset and then checked the memory to see how much program memory is available after a reset. It seems that nearly 10 MB is being used by something, no matter what.

I haven't seen the out of memory messages, but I think I've seen the problem manifested by Internet Explorer shutting completely down when I switch between apps. Instead of going back to the page I am reading, I usually end up back at the home page.

Right now I am just going with it until the iPAQ comes out. Hopefully because of problems like this T-Mobile U.S. will find a way to make the iPAQ immediately available for existing customers at an affordable price.

Posted by Qman on 01.05.04 - 14:27:41

Its a known fact that the T-Mobile Today Plug-ins eat up

up memory and for me its one of the first things that I remove. So goto Start, Settings, Today, Items and uncheck "T-Mobile", then use File Explorer to remove (or cut and paste it to a Temp folder) Battery Monitor from your Windows/Startup folder then soft reset.

So give that a shot and see if it helps.

FYI I also use ScaryBear's Check Notifications program.



Posted by Crawfz on 02.05.04 - 03:49:30

I'd like to remove the T-Mobile plug-ins. Could you provide a step-by-step process?

I'm not sure what file I'm looking for, or what folder it's in, or where exactly to Paste it to.



Posted by SiliconAddict on 03.05.04 - 13:12:22

I am back at PPC2002 3.20.06 because of this very annoying problem. On my 32MB O2 XDA I had to soft reset the device a few times a day (depending on usage) because of this low memory error. But in my case it wasn't just the T-Mobile ROM upgrade, I have tried every English language ROMKitchen WM2003 upgrade there is (there is no official O2 XDA model I WM2003 upgrade...), and I had memory leaks with every WM2003 version. After a soft reset there is some 10MB available for programs (with 3rd party apps installed) and some 5MB for storage, and that amount goes down even when I'm not using the device. But even after a hard reset with no additional software installed I had this problem. I don't get the error as quick but still.

Posted by Bryan - Seattle on 10.05.04 - 21:39:14

I have to agree, the 2003 PPC upgrade is severely lacking in performance and full of "undocumented features".  I have had to remove all of my programs which hinders my productivity and convenience factor.  I have to do a soft reset at least 3-6 times per day. My phone will activate itself throughout the day and night and all I can get from TMobile is "sorry".  Well, I am hoping they will be assisting us with our monthly plans and the replacement cost of these devices since I am loosing and dropping calls and text messages. 

I am looking at the i-Mate but would rather stick with a local company to purchase a new device from.  If anyone has any information on the new device coming out from TMobile/HP, please let me know before I spend the money on a long distance chance.



Seattle, WA

Posted by Romeo on 12.05.04 - 01:21:11

T-mobile Phone Edition 2003 really is a great update, I just wish that  the software would have been tested thoroughly. My Storage Card gets erased unless I lock it, and memory is not there. There has to be a leak somewhere. Also, my phone is a Pocket PC / PDA. XDA style. My  last one had 2002 on it and never had a proboem. I hope there is a patch, update or something SOON!

Posted by Crawfz on 12.05.04 - 03:29:10

In my most recent e-mail response from T-Mobile USA, the reply says: "We do not have a solution for this problem, if you wish us to replace your handset ....etc.etc."

Of course, as the software is the problem, a new handset doesn't solve anything.

There is a rumour that T-Mobile USA will be the first company to offer the new HP, but not as a handset upgrade, only to new subscribers (in June).

Posted by crawfz on 12.05.04 - 15:35:32

Here is the the latest comment received from T-Mobile today, May 11, 2004:

"Thank you for your reply.  We do not have an estimated time as to if and when the Pocket PC 2003 software upgrade will be available on line.  Unfortunately, we are not able to offer a HP 6300 model as we have not announced an official release date for this device nor do we have any information on if we will.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.  We have reviewed your comments and appreciate the insight.  We have forwarded your feedback for review.  If you have any other comments, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime."

??? Customer support?

Posted by Qman on 12.05.04 - 19:05:10

OK to remove the T-Mobile Plug-ins go to Start, Settings, Today, Items, and unchecked "T-Mobile" then tap OK, then use File Explorer to go to your /Windows/Startup folder and remove the Battery Monitor.lnk and if you don't use

Permanent Save to backup your Contacts and Appointment you can also remove both aFlashman and cFlashman to gain even more memory.



Posted by MArk on 13.05.04 - 00:01:42

My SD card get's wiped too. What is causing that? If I lock it then the device can't use it for IE temp files.  Any recommendations, suggestions, solutions to the SD card getting erased?


Posted by Cathan Kirkwood on 13.05.04 - 22:50:18

T-mobile is about a joke as far as support goes. I've been in a conversation with them for roughly two months now, with no resolution in sight. I get glib answers, closed tickets, and my phone has never worked right since the upgrade. I have many associates with the same issue, and they are going through the same thing with support. Worse yet, there is no way to escalate past the idiots in support to complain about the terrible service. T-Mobile has a great scam going, that's for sure. I and some of my associates are checking into legal recourse. I would be interested in hearing if anyone else has gone that path.

Posted by Miss Margie on 15.05.04 - 06:48:47

I am also having problems-do the soft reset thing MANY times a day, etc.  But also, I am not receiving phone calls, and I notice that when I turn it on (usually after having to do a soft reset), the time shown will be a few hours earlier, and then all the appts come up that are way overdue, and then it resets the time.  Most folks are talking about memory leaks.  But what about just not being able to use the Pocket PC phone (incoming)?  I feel that T-mobile should either replace the Pocket PC phone free of charge to me, or at the very least (come on!!) waive my monthly fee until they fix it; and darn it, give a timeline.  I am really frustrated, and wonder how it is they can get away with this!

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