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MOBILE FAX & SMS: BVRP releases pocket PhoneTools 4 Pro for the Pocket PC
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Thursday, 19.06.03 - 21:50:26 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 11978x
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BVRP has just released pocket PhoneTools 4 Pro, the successor to WinPhone Pocket. pocket PhoneTools 4 Pro allows you to stay in contact, wherever you are, with essential communication features, all on your Pocket PC.

pocket PhoneTools 4 Pro is designed to work with a Pocket PC and a Bluetooth or IR equipped mobile phone or a GSM/GPRS CF or PC card to transform a Pocket PC to a communications center that has the ability to send and receive faxes and SMS. pocket PhoneTools 4 Pro also allows access to a mobile phone's phonebook and contacts can be dialled from the PDA with the built-in dialer. It also allows for quick configuration of Internet connections in a few simple clicks.

Because pocket PhoneTools 4 Pro is Bluetooth compatible, you can send and receive faxes and SMS, and make calls without even taking your mobile phone out of your pocket.

pocket PhoneTools is compatible with all Pocket PC 2000 or 2002 devices.

For users of WinPhone Pocket, there is a special upgrade price of only 29.90 euros. For pricing visit the BVRP pricing page.

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Posted by jlp on 25.06.03 - 05:12:49

Will this allow to automatically (i.e. unattended) receive fax on a PPCPE (PPC Phone Edition) device when the PDA is off, à la Nokia series 9xxx?!

Posted by Arne Hess on 25.06.03 - 05:19:51

@jlp: There was no mention of the Pocket PC Phone Edition in BVRP's site.  But AFAIK, KSE is the only partner of O2 who actually has a solution for the PPC PE.  You can get a copy of KSE Truefax for the XDA at http://.../

Mabuhay ~ Carlo

Posted by Mike on 20.07.03 - 18:52:45

I am looking for a Mobile Faxing software for my Cassiopeia E200 (Pocket PC2002 & equiped with a working Bluetooth CF Card from Bluetake). I want to fax wirelessly through my Ericisson Handphone T610 (Bluetooth equiped). I have tried multiple trial version of Mobile fax software but none of them work (i.e. TrueFax).

I would like to consider your software if it can  work with my combination. Do you have any trial download, for me to test.

Posted by Arne Hess on 21.07.03 - 16:36:34

@Mike: I'm not familiar with the Bluetooth card you are using with your Cassiopeia, but I've tried several other cards and one of them works flawlessly with KSE Truefax.

I tried the Socket Communications BT CF card and it supports the BT Fax profile. My guess is that your card does not have  Bluetooth Fax profile and therefore cannot be used with a fax software.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by Victor on 28.07.03 - 09:06:22

I got a OEM GSM/GPRS CF CARD by A Taiwan Company Called Tomoreso.  It comes with a BVRP software call Pocket Phone Tools 4.0 and the manual stated that it fully support the new Pocket PC 2003 OS.  I installed it and the phone & SMS works fine but the fax function is missing.  My collegue got the same CF Card and installed into his ipaq running Pocket PC 2002 OS, the fax function appears.  Can anyone help?   The BVRP Mobile Phone Tools for my Laptop using PCMCIA slot with the CF card ; again the fax function is misssing.  My chief reason for the card it that I can use the fax function.

Please help if anyone knows what to do

Posted by Jack on 11.08.03 - 05:17:44

Victor--- I'm use the Tomoreso CF card as well.... The driver seems not support PPC2003 and I cannot connect to the Internet via GPRS. Of course the FAX function is missing in both PDA & Laptop... Don't know where to find the updated drivers.. :-(

Posted by Terry on 16.08.03 - 02:47:41

Jack - I am getting myself a Tomoreso GSM/GPRS card as well from EBay. Can you tell us if your Tomoreso CF works on your Pocket PC 2003 OS? Does the GSM works, i.e. does the CF really transform the PDA to a mobile phone equivalent?

Posted by Paul Ranjan on 19.08.03 - 14:30:28

Has anybody installed a Tomoreso GSM/GPRS CF card on a HP iPaq 5450. I seem to have a problem with my iPaq recognising this card.

Posted by Paul Ranjan on 19.08.03 - 14:34:40

I have a HP iPaq 5450 with a CF Expansion jacket. I recently purchased a taiwan made GSM/GPRS CF Card (company name TOMORESO) for use with my iPaq. When I insert the card in the CF slot... i get the following message

"Unrecognized Card", Enter the name of the device driver for the card. For information, see the card manufacturer's documentation"

I have installed all the software that was delivered with the packaging before inserting the card.

Has anybody used this card before? Is there any fix?

Please help.

Product Rev Level: 3.0

My current ROM Date s 05/24/03

Rom Revision: 1.11.19 ENG

OS Version Windows CE 3.0

Posted by Jack on 20.08.03 - 10:06:04

Terry -- the Tomoreso CF card works with PPC2003, but only GSM, able to dial and receive phonecalls like a mobile.

GPRS is not working as PPC2003 cannot regonised the card.. Maybe we need a new driver?

Posted by SIDAHMED on 07.09.03 - 05:10:08

I have a Qtek 1010 ..I wonder whither PhoneTools  4 pro works with thsi Pocket PC Phone ?

Posted by Arne Hess on 07.09.03 - 08:37:18

@SIDAHMED: If you are using a Qtek 1010, I suggest you look at KSESoftware's KSE Truefax.  They've worked out a solution to handling the special modem built into these HTC products... better ask them if the Qtek radio stack and all  meets the requirements for KSE Truefax.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by sam on 07.09.03 - 13:15:25

I would recommend SIDAHMRD to use O2XDATruefax V2.03.This will work on Qtek1010.But KSE true fax of diffent version doesn't support Qtek 1010.I had asked KSE,they said it has not tested on Qtek 1010.So use O2Xda version.

By from NASCO ask

Posted by Jack on 11.09.03 - 14:09:34

I'm using ipaq h2210 ppc2003 with the Tomoreso GSM/GPRS.  Currently I'm in Hong Kong and it works with the sim cards there.  But I use USA's AT&T GPRS sim card when I stay in the states.  Does anyone know if the AT&T GPRS sim card will work with the Tomoreso in the states?

Posted by Peter on 11.09.03 - 20:12:27

Dear Jack

I have just installed the software on my new HP2210 and it recognises the card and includes the fax function. have not tried it yet but it appears.

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