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MOBILE FAXING: KSE releases XDA II compatible Truefax
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Friday, 09.01.04 - 16:20:21 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8865x
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KSE Software recently released their latest version of their popular faxing software called Truefax. Now on version 2.05, KSE Truefax now allows you to send and receive faxes from your XDA II and MDA II Pocket PC Phone Edition devices running on Windows Mobile 2003.

KSE Truefax is a simple way of sending and receiving faxes using standard fax tiff files which can easily be transferred to the desktop PC for easy printing. KSE Software also announced that they will soon be releasing another update to their faxing software. The next release will be on version 3 and will include printing capabilities which will allow IR printing to an IR equipped printer.

  • receiving and sending faxes
  • sending faxes to multiple recipients
  • cordless receiving and sending faxes via infrared interface and mobile phone
  • integrated document management
  • create faxes from Pocket Outlook
  • sending several documents
  • Modem class 1 support / group 3
  • Modem class 2 support / group 4
  • uses the Pocket Outlook contact database
  • user-defined coverpage with company information and logo integration
  • fax view support via "NiceView"
  • sound support upon dispatch of faxes

KSE Truefax 2.05 can be downloaded for evaluation at KSE Software.

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Posted by Ian Belleza on 15.01.04 - 03:47:33


Posted by Robert Broome on 25.01.04 - 23:25:56

I loaded the KSE Fax software for XDA II and it switched my phone off.

What a load of rubbish.

Do not use, it is a waste of space, talk about testing... what testing?

Posted by Ramin on 08.02.04 - 00:41:58

@Robert Broome, try out the latest KSE Truefax (WM2003 Phone Edition) v2.06 for Xda II.

Posted by Ralph Yeung on 24.02.04 - 05:22:26

version 2.06 still turn off the phone

Posted by Angus on 02.03.04 - 12:53:02

doesn't seem to work. it does not detect a carrier.

Posted by gautam on 02.03.04 - 13:05:52

does anyone know how to receive a fax directly without having to go to 'receive fax' mode?

also, when is version 3.0 expected?

Posted by lvermont on 03.03.04 - 02:08:05

You can't receive faxes directly with Tmobile USA. Ideally you would need a seprate fax number to receive on but they don't support that. Only fax forwarding of inciming faxes to a stand alone fax machine is possibe. You can directly send however.

Posted by phil on 16.03.04 - 01:05:36

I have T-mobile phone (PPC Phone edition USA).  I haven't had any luck sending faxes.  What software is the best?



Posted by bish on 16.03.04 - 21:49:48

Version 2.06 works well on my XDAII. I have a separate DATA NUMBER and I sent test faxes both to and from my XDAII with no problems. Could be your machine or setup ...

Posted by Graham on 16.04.04 - 01:26:18

I see their website now has a disclamer

'NOTE: KSE Truefax 2.06 Phone Edition II does not work with the ROM-Version 1.60 for the MDA II. (START=>Settings=>System=>Device Information). Therefore please only update your device if necessary. T-Mobile is working on a solution for this problem, i.e. a new ROM-Version.'

Posted by jayesh on 14.05.04 - 20:50:02

i tried 2.06 & also 3.0 version both are good for nothing. i never succeeded in sending & receiving fax on my o2 xdaii.

Posted by Arne Hess on 14.05.04 - 21:03:27

@jayesh: Sorry to hear that... but is your Data and Fax service activated? (carrier dependent)

This fax program doesn't work just like that... it requires your account to have the fax service activated.  If your carrier can confirm that it is activated, then send your complaint to KSE... if your account does not support the Fax service, then I guess no matter how hard you try, you'll never get it to work at all...

Also, it might be wise to check with sites such as <a target="_blank" href="">http:... to find out if all ROM versions work with KSE Truefax 2.06 or 3.0. Email them your queries and include pertinent data such as ROM versions and the version of Truefax you are trying to install.

It also states in the KSE site that KSE Truefax 3.0 only works for PPCs not PPC Phone Edition models yet.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by Jay on 18.05.04 - 16:58:47

So  should I buy this truefax for XDA II? I think they do find a problem on thier product, because I can't find v 2.05 or 2.06 on thier homepage. Also is anyone know where we can get a free trial version...

Posted by xml_me on 03.06.04 - 09:41:56

I have an i-mate pocket pc phone XDA2/MDA2....I downloaded the KSE TrueFax v2.08...

put it doesn't send neither receive...

do u know other softwares other than KSE or pocket PhoneTools 4 Pro ??

Posted by tgfadil on 10.06.04 - 18:34:43

Actually, KSE admitted that their TrueFax is not ready for XDA2 with Rom version 1.60. For asian XDA2 the rom version is at 1.60. Mine is at 1.66 and I bought it in Malaysia. Other XDA2s with the same rom like mine could not use the TrueFax. Hope KSE and 02 will work this out.

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