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MOBILE MEDIA: is introducing Microsoft's Portable Media Centers
Posted by Arne Hess - on Thursday, 08.07.04 - 20:25:26 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 7692x
Not Tagged recently pre-announced two Portable Windows Media Center and made them available for pre-order.

Have fun with more of your digital entertainment
Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Centers are handheld entertainment devices that make it easy to store and play recorded TV, movies, home videos, music, and photos transferred from a PC with Windows XP--so you can enjoy to your favorite entertainment anytime and anywhere you want.

More music, more choices
Take your entire Windows Media Player music library with you, including all your favorite songs, artist and track information, playlists, ratings, and even album art. The Windows Media audio formats provide unmatched quality at smaller file sizes so you can take more of your favorite music with you - up to 5,000 songs. Support for Windows Media offers access to the widest selection of music and video download services on the Internet.

Every TV show you've ever quoted
Portable Media Centers let you do more than play music. Move TV shows recorded on a Windows XP Media Center PC or PC with Windows XP-based TV tuner card to watch up to 80 of hours of TV on the road. Store up to 80 hours of recorded TV. That lets you take every single episode of The Simpsons, from its 1988 premiere through the 2003 season, with you wherever you go. You can even connect to a TV or entertainment center to watch videos with friends and family.

Every movie you've ever loved
Now you can take up to 80 hours of your favorite movies with you wherever you go, whether they are recorded on your Windows XP PC, downloaded from the Internet, or created yourself using a digital video camera.* Windows Media Player makes it easy to sync content with your Portable Media Center, either automatically or just what and when you choose.

Every photo you've ever taken
Did you ever notice that most of your digital pictures end up stored away on your computer and that you never get around to printing them? Now you can take the tens of thousands of pictures stored on your PC with you and share with friends and family wherever you are--you can even display them in a slideshow set to music. Portable Media Centers make accessing and viewing your favorite photos and slideshows easier than ever.

All the stuff above bring me back to two serious problems I've figured out during the past months when I was looking deeper into Windows Media Centers and was using my Apple iPod:

  1. I want a single DRM solution which is interoperable with devices from different brands! As much I love and use my iPod and as much I buy songs from iTunes "all" I can do (while this is more than most other online music stores allows) is listening it on my iPod, my PCs (up to 5) as long as they have iTunes installed and I'm allowed to burn CDs. However I can not listen these songs on my Pocket PC, on my Smartphone or in future on (my) Portable Media Center as long as I'm not burning it to a CD to rip it from there again. :-(
    This reminds me a little bit on buying a Mercedes but the gas from Exxon is the only one which works.
  2. Copyright Protections and laws in different countries: More or less I'm not allowed to legally rip/copy a DVD in a lot of countries to file it on a PC for later use. But I think this is essential to make this kind of great devices a success! I want to watch the latest Hollywood movies on my mobile devices as well and as good the TV concept of Portable Media Centers is, watching recorded TV shows only isn't enough but I want to watch (legally) copied movies on my Windows Media Center at home as well as mobile with my Portable Media Center or any other mobile device!

Okay, but back too Amazon: Right now you can pre-order two different Portable Media Centers, one from Samsung and one from Creative Labs, both with 20 GB HDD and both for US$ $499. Unfortunately they don't accept pre-orders from Germany, already tried. :-(

Related Link : [More Information] [Pre-Order Here]


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Posted by apa57 on 09.07.04 - 17:24:26

[4] Well I was thinking that you can directly convert them to MP3, but never tried, so now from you I know it won't work that way sad

I assume that they don't ship to other locations cause there is again a company that has the right so sell you the device for a higher price exclusively big_smile

Posted by Frank on 09.07.04 - 08:29:09

Relay, Arne, they don't accept preorders from Australia either  :wink:

I share you view on the ability to watch DVDs on it w/o violating any laws. But will ripping be the way to do this anyway? I doubt that people will accept that they have to plan several hours in advance if they plan to take this or that DVD onto the device. Just imagine the time ripping and transferring via USB will take - that is a clear no-no.

When I look at the SONY U70 that was in the news a few months back (see ...) I have to say that I liked this concept much better... except for the price  lol

Also, I'm surprised that they offer these devices with a 4:3 screen and not with a 16:9... that may be just due to small numbers for market entry.

Posted by apa57 on 09.07.04 - 11:44:50

I have now all my CDs converted to MP3 with iTunes. I'm not aware that MP3 has a copy protection mechanism, did I miss something ? If you convert them to MP3 you should be able to use them all over no ?
DVD's the region codes are from my point of view totally illegal there should be a court order to prevent companies to abuse customers like that.
The basic is that the corporations do benefit from the globalisation but keep these benefits away from the customers to increase their revenues. Their vision of globalisation is producing in the cheapest place with the lowest standards of employee protection and selling this stuff in the most expensive place with the best corporate protection. I call this digital colonialisation.
Hollywood and the record labels show a great history of misunderstanding the digital business, without Apple they would still make people believe that the new business is not possible. Except of complaining and sueing people the didn't bring anything to the table to make business.
I just hope that future artists will be able to use platforms that allow direct selling and make these big companies a thing of the past

Posted by JaToAc on 09.07.04 - 14:45:59

:evil: if i could remember the internet adress of this order service that imported goods form different us only internet sites to the rest of the world, damn... the even stated the tax and shipping costs and you got a 'all inclusive' price... damn forgetfulness... i'm getting old. they even had in their shop-listing...

Posted by Arne Hess on 09.07.04 - 15:00:11

[1] True... Time is critical but the whole (Portable) Media Center concept includes the PC version as well. What I would like to do is ripping/copying a DVD after I bought it to have it available on my Media Center PC. Than - if I think I need to carry a video with me - I will copy it too the Portable Media Center device. It's not just ripping and copying it for the PMC but also having it available on the MCE.
BTW: The synchronization used for PMC is 1000+ times better than today's ActiveSync. I've seen a demo in Redmond and according to the program managers you can start synchronization, interrupt it because you have to leave and you take the PMC with you and next time you dock it it continues from the point it was interrupted before! 8O I hope the Windows Mobile ActiveSync product managers have seen it too and will use this mechanism for next ActiveSync as well... :twisted:

[2] Ah, no... I mean the AAC encoded music files I bought through iTunes Music Store, not the ripped CDs I've converted into MP3 as well. My ripped CDs I can take with me where ever I want, thanks to MP3 but for the Apple iTunes Music Store files I fist have to burn them to CD to rip them as MP3 again to copy them to a Pocket PC or Smartphone or - in future - Portable Media Center.

[3] Yeah... I will ask one of my fellow American MVPs if he can order it for me and send it too Germany if available... Hell, the world became a market place, thanks to the Internet but this stuff is still not working - shipping physical goods around the world... - listen :idea: Even the small PPCW.Net  Shop is accepting orders from around the world and ships around the world... You should be able to do the same... ;-)

Posted by Arne Hess on 09.07.04 - 21:06:46

[5] No, that's the idea of DRM (Digital Rights Management) that you can not rip it that easy - especially - as you said because MP3 doesn't supports any DRM!

I think you are right with the exclusive sales rights and I assume will sell it in Germany as well but simply changing US$ too € which makes it more expensive for me... :-(

Posted by APA57 on 10.07.04 - 10:26:26

[6] DRM sounded to me always like Do Rip Me big_smile

Posted by Arne Hess on 10.07.04 - 17:52:59

[7] LOL...  lol lol lol Thoug it was "Don't Rip Me"...  lol

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