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MULTILINGUAL: Microsoft Smartphone 2003 now with 10 T9 languages
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 09.01.04 - 14:08:42 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 9299x
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I often read in the newsgroups, forums and by E-Mail the question from international users if there is a way to get this or that T9 language file for a Smartphone because until today the support of international languages is pretty limited.

If you are not a Smartphone user so far the problem with Smartphone 2002 is that it contains 4 languages only (sometimes maybe 5) and this user interface languages are linked to the T9 input languages. In fact it means if your UI is English, also your T9 input method is English. Anyway - this was tweaked some time ago but nevertheless - as good this tweak worked, as long as your device already contains your favorite language, there is still no way to add a different language-set for T9 if you are using another language then the pre-installed ones.
Also it wasn't possible to change the language within creating a SMS message which was inconvenient at all and not state of the art for today's mobile phones!

However, it becomes better now! :-) With the latest official ROM I received today for the i-Mate Smartphone2, Smartphones now supports much more languages and you can change between the languages even while you are in the text mode! :-)

The new 1.9.51 ROM contains Dutch, Danish, Spanish, Italian, French, German US English and UK English for the user interface and Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian and Swedish for T9! :-)

Especially for Scandinavian users this is great! While they used to use English, for text messaging they might missed their T9 languages and now it's part of the ROM and you can switch, right while composing a SMS, between the different languages - nor more reason to reboot your device because you've changed the language! :-)

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Eric on 09.01.04 - 16:10:27

Does this new 1.9.51 ROM fixes the bluetooth dial-up modem bug of the SPVe200 ?

Posted by giacomo on 10.01.04 - 02:04:08 there a way to get this rom update for my HTC Canary?!! I hope so! Thank you!

Posted by DarkM on 10.01.04 - 10:52:52

Can you actually download this, or what?

Posted by Arne Hess on 10.01.04 - 15:10:17

@giacomo: No, this version isn't designed to run on the Canary or the Tanager but designed to run on the Voyager only. Upgrades will fail because the different hardware like Bluetooth and camera.

@DarM: No, unfortunately not! It's an initial release for the i-Mate Smartphone2 which isn't allowed to distribute.

Posted by Diego on 24.08.04 - 15:38:31

Hi Arne,

I have a Motorola MPX200 and flashed it to the Windows 2003 version. As you probably know, the only 2003 version I could find was in German :-( , but I found a way to tweak the registry to set the phone to english in the Internet. Now, my problem is I live in Spain and need to write SMSs in spanish... :?
What can you advice?
Is there any way to set the T9 language to spanish by downloading a dll or a language pack?
Is there a Windows 2003 version for my MPX200 that supports more languages?
Thanks, friend. You're help will be greatly appreciated!

Posted by Adnan Abo Alniaj on 04.11.04 - 11:32:53

Dear Air;
I am Arabian person,and my English so bad,I need an arabic flash for my I-mate mobile phone,pls,where can I find my demand ,if possible then tell me please.

Posted by Adnan Abo Alniaj on 04.11.04 - 11:35:22

I need an Arabic flash(programm)for my I-mate phone???

Posted by Ola on 11.03.05 - 17:02:28

I have a Qtek 8020 and would like T9 Swidish, is there anyway to install a swedish T9 into my phone?

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