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NEWS: Big Changes for Windows Mobile
Posted by Alfredo Padilla - on Thursday, 17.08.06 - 19:12:25 CET under 01 - General News - Viewed 10292x
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Ed Hardy over at Brighthand has an interesting article about the future of Windows Moble (and Palm for those who care).

"If you're a long-time handheld or smartphone user, you might be in for a shock: both Microsoft and PalmSource are in the process of significantly changing the way their mobile operating systems look and act."

According to Mr. Hardy this change is being driven by greater demand from consumers for one handed devices. Where is this information coming from? Apparently Mr. Hardy has had an opportunity to be hands on with the new Windows Mobile OS, code named "Photon".

Personally I'm excited about the opportunity for Microsoft's Mobile OS to be more friendly for one-handed users, and I'm also excited about the convergence to a single OS that can run on a variety of devices. If your looking for specific information about "Photon" I'm afraid you will be dissapointed as Mr. Hardy isn't releasing that info, but its nice to get some information about the direction Microsoft is headed. As for Palm, well as I stated in my article about a possible iPhone I believe Palm is dead, but perhaps Access will prove me wrong.


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