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OBSERVATION: Surrounded by mobile data devices!
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 01.11.04 - 18:00:22 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 6876x
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Contributed by Dr. Wolfgang Irber, PPCW.Net Reader and Business Professional

About two years ago, I always was the only one with a "mobile data device" such as the XDA and got very odd looks from my neighborhood. But times have changed, quite significantly as I am able to observe on my travels. Now, there are a lot more people using what I just call "mobile data devices", other may label them smartphones or PDAs with GPRS modem or whatsoever.

Regardless of the name used, this day I always will remember: When getting out of the airplane at the Munich airport, we had to take a bus ride in order to reach the terminal. First, an old phone rings next to me and a businessman fingers for his MDA I. Another old phone rings (they obviously like this ring) and a second businessman on my right picks his MDA II. A third businessman on my left starts calling on his SonyEricsson P900 while his colleague is reading his emails on a Blackberry. And last but not least, another businessman behind me gets his Palm Treo 600 to check something on the Web.

Well, now completely surrounded by MDAs and P900 and Palm Treo and Blackberry, I had a hard job hiding my big smile and decided to join the family, took my XDA II and checked the WAP page from the Munich public transport for the next S-Bahn.

I always had expected that mobile data devices are becoming a success, but I never had thought there are becoming that successful for businessman. I think its just a matter of time when they start to become more popular even in the non-business world.

Cheers ~ W


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Posted by Helio Diamant on 05.11.04 - 06:22:11

Nice comment, Wolfgang!

I would say that all around the world, these connected devices have become very attractive to businessmen, and more than using them themselves, I believe that time has come in which they are beginning to see the advantage to their companies on using these devices, and are beginning to do implementations of real applications on them, completely connected to the company's IT environment.

Posted by jayson on 08.11.04 - 10:12:09

Very nice but GPRS charges in my country is too high that these things cost a lot.

Posted by Wolfgang Irber on 08.11.04 - 18:14:32

[2] I am sorry to hear that GPRS charges are still too high in your country.

Right now, I cannot complain anymore.
At home, I am paying about 1,6 Euro per MB which is acceptable with respect to the little byte volume I am sending and receiving through my XDA (around 5-6 MB per month)
This week, I am away from home in Vienna, and due to a new and very attractive roaming agreement between Germany and Austria I am just paying around 10 Eurocents per 10 kb in total.

Today, I have sent/recieved about 10 emails wich costs me around 70 Eurocents. A fair prize with respect to the benefit.

Cheers ~ W

PS Flying today to Vienna, I saw a couple of MDA I again, even my seat neighbor had one. T-Mobile must have sold loads of them with respect to their abundance!
I recently did some GPRS training for them and we even used the MDAs in the course as they allowed to ping IP addresses in the Internet, which is not possible with a standard phone.

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