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OFF-TOPIC: Welcome to my private Blog
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 28.11.05 - 20:17:53 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 10421x
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This posting is so off topic and I will not bother you anymore with these kind of postings but where else if not at the::unwired should I announce it? ;-) No question, blogging is (still) a hype and everybody is blogging. From the desperate housewife to the company CEO and while the::unwired is already a mix between a news site and a blog, I didn't had a personal blog yet (no, my MSN Spaces isn't counting sine I'm using it for some tests only).
This will changes now with the launch of my personal sub-blog under the::unwired. :-)
What will I post here? Hm, not sure at least nothing profane or trivial, it wont become my online diary where you can follow-up my personality but in some kind it will be related to the::unwired, to wireless in general, to the GSM industry, to mobile devices, to gadgets, etc. but way more spiced with my personal point of view and sometimes it might be just a rant. Therefore I've created the following categories:

Off Topic
Digital - Lifestyle
Digital - Gadgets
Job - Consultant
Job - Editor and Journalist
Wireless - Mobile Devices
Wireless - Mobile Networks

because I will also use this blog to post the one or the other posting about my two jobs as a mobile telecommunication consultant (without sharing any secrets nor I'm sharing any client information but it will be just a generic information about being a consultant, see the next posting) as well as about my job as an editor for the::unwired, digital lifestyle mobile and some print magazines.

But yes, as you can see above there is also a category called "Off Topic" where I will post the one or the other completely off topic item. Hey, at least it's a blog... ;-)

The sub-site is still not done but good enough to go online (for example comments are missed yet which will follow later). Also I've decided to follow my beloved the::unwired web-design so you should feel comfortable here anyway. Wonder which "success" this site will becomes? Anyone beside me is visiting it? ;-)

Just in case you want to bookmark it, you can find it under :-) Enjoy... :-)

Cheers ~ Arne

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