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OFFICIAL: Motorola MPx200 released today officially in the USA
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 21.10.03 - 13:30:04 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6166x
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While we and others already reported about the availability of the Motorola MPx200 Smartphone yesterday - today is the day the phone was officially released.
Following our announcement with Motorola and AT&T Wireless in September - today, Microsoft, along with AT&T Wireless and Motorola announced the first US retail availability of the Windows Mobile-based Motorola MPx200 Smartphone.

  • The Motorola MPx200 is available for $299 at AT&T Wireless stores nationwide,, Best Buy and CompUSA
  •  The perfect companion to Office, Motorola MPx200 Smartphone customers can receive a free 32 MB MMC card with ClearVue Document and Worksheet software to view Microsoft Word and Excel files on the go valued at $40
  • To take their Office with them on the go, CompUSA customers, who pre-ordered Office System 2003, can receive a $50 rebate towards the purchase of the Motorola MPx200

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by HP on 21.10.03 - 19:05:36

The perfect companion to Office, Motorola MPx200 Smartphone customers can receive a free 32 MB MMC card with ClearVue Document and Worksheet software to view Microsoft Word and Excel files on the go valued at $40 ???

I have looked on AT&T's site, but I haven't found anything about this free package. Does anyone know anything about it, or how to get it?


Posted by smitty on 21.10.03 - 19:20:17

I just ordered my mpx200 from attws. Can't wait for it to get here.

Posted by Arne Hess on 21.10.03 - 20:44:01

@smitty: Please keep us updated about your experience and box content like the MMC card "HP" is missing.

Thanks ~ Arne

Posted by Mike on 21.10.03 - 21:13:40

I've been a Palm user for several years.  I just sold my Handspring Treo 270 in anticipation of the new Treo 600.  Now I'm getting antsy with the delay in the GSM Treo and I'm considering Pocket PC or MS Smartphone options. 

Any feedback from former or current Palm users who also have experience with the MS based phones would be appreciated.  I've heard some great things about this new Motorola but I'm looking for more info on its functionality as a contact and schedule tool as compares to Palm.

Posted by Brian Bossier on 21.10.03 - 21:31:57

I'm in the same dilema.  I just ordered my Treo 600 but it hasn't come in yet.  I think the MPX200 is a smaller device but I'm not sure about switching from the Palm OS.

Posted by smitty on 21.10.03 - 21:47:11

@Mike: I can tell you that the switch to MS based devices is the best experience I ever had. I, too, was a devoted Palm user and switched to the PPC devices back when the Ipaq 3800 series came out. From day one, I felt more comfortable with the device and the use of the device is a lot more then I ever had with the Palm. I totally recommend that anybody thinking about switching, should switch ASAP. I currently use a PPCPE from ATTWS and it has been flawless since day one. I've been waiting for the smartphone to come to the US ever since they came out in Japan and Europe, and I eagerly wait it's arrival.

Posted by Mike on 21.10.03 - 21:51:17

Hoping someone can answer this.  Do you need anything special to sync an MPx200 over the air?  My company is running Exchange 5.5 sp4 (or whatever is current) and I don't care about addresss, calendar etc.  I just want to get email.  What do I need to accomplish this?

Posted by Gary on 22.10.03 - 00:11:47

I wonder when this will be available for Cingular users???

Posted by Dr.G on 22.10.03 - 03:09:36

Can this device be unlocked?

Posted by Mike on 22.10.03 - 03:43:55

It sounds like a great device but I really don't want to switch from TMobile to ATT.  I wonder if unlocked units will be available?

Posted by Steve on 22.10.03 - 05:13:16

I started with Treo 180 when they first came out.  I was not happy with it.  I thought  upgrading to the 270 would fix the issues I had but was very disappointed.  Switched to PPCPE and have been happy ever since.  There are some tempting palm devices out there, but I know it would be a huge mistake going back.  I was just glad tmobile offered both devices.  Will tmobile have the new Moto?  I lost my PPCPE 2 months ago, and I'm waiting for XDA II.

Posted by Tom C. on 22.10.03 - 20:44:03

Just bought the Motorola 200 yesterday and was most impressed! I am a very heavy user (junked my Nokia). The audio quality and not as many call drops makes this the best cell fone i've ever used since the old Star Tac.

Finally a cell phone that has exceeded my expectations.

Posted by smitty on 22.10.03 - 21:13:55

I recieved my mpx200 today, only took 24 hours (overnight shipping)!! So far so good, but there's a small learning curve as I've used PPC devices for so long. There mas no MMC bundled with the device, but there was a few products on the cd such as a task manager, file manager, IA Caller ID, Outllok 2000, ActiveSync3.6, and Lemonade game. It's going to take me a bit before I'm used to all the different keypress that you can do, such as one button does 5 different things depending upon if you are in a call or not, and if the device is open or not. Like I said, so far so good except it seems the volume is a bit low, but that could be the location I'm in right now. Will let you know what else I find.

Posted by Dmitry on 23.10.03 - 02:31:55

@Mike on over the air synchronization with Exchange

Push your company to upgrade to Exchange 2003 which provides mobile synchronization support out of the box (called EAS - Exchange Active Sync). EAS allows to syncrhonize Inbox as well as Contacts and Calendar on your device with your Exchange account.

Check bullet point 8

Posted by Dmitry on 23.10.03 - 02:33:55

The correct URL is

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