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ON-DUTY: Back to life, back to reality
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 22.04.03 - 17:03:58 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 6808x
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After some great days in Austria with my family I'm back on my PC. Unfortunately the weather was mixed but anyway, the fun was with us and therefore it was a great trip, even if we had less snow then expected and boarding was possible noon only.

But if you ever wanted to see how we - or at least me - at PPCW.Net works, here is a picture of my (mobile)-office: :mrgreen:

What else do you need then a "Weissbier", a GPRS enabled Smartphone, a flex-keyboard and the right environment!? :D Sure you need GPRS coverage and this is something weird in Austria now.

Austria has 4 GSM networks and as all the years before, also this year, GPRS worked great with "One" (a former sister company of VIAG Interkom, now O2 Germany). So when I entered the border my Smartphone switched to One and indicated the "G" for GPRS availability. However, when I've tried all the other three networks (A1, T-Mobile and tele.ring) I got the "G" also which normally shows you a GPRS attach aka GPRS is available to be used but nothing; even with the G in the display, GPRS usage was forbidden. :?: Something I really don't understand.

Therefore I was pretty limited with network access because the valley where I stayed hadn't One coverage but the next valley only but as I saw, Carlo did a great job to keep you updated!

Thanks Carlo :!: So I need to check all my E-Mails now, got tons of E-Mails and story comments and hope to be back on regular duty tomorrow!

Cheers ~ Arne