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OPINION: What do you think about the Mobile Version of PPCW.Net
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 22.10.03 - 21:02:23 CET under 09 - Thoughts - Viewed 5743x
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Hmmm... 8O Now I'm a little bit irritated and surprised if it is me or the visitor who mailed me a comment below some minutes ago and I wonder who is wrong here...

Normally I don't push comments like these into public but this time I will do it because I want to hear your opinion but first the E-Mail (without the name and E-Mail address for sure):

Dear Arnie!
Some minutes ago I've watched your "review" of the o2 xda 2 on my Pocket PC which I've connected through GPRS with the Internet. But instead of getting facts I got tons of photos and screenshots.

I think it's a sauciness to blow up the mobile version of your site with so many photos which increases my GPRS bill dramatically!

Maybe, because you get GPRS for free as a journalist, enjoy accessing full blown web sites but I have to pay GPRS by myself.

I would kindly ask you to remove photos from further articles and reviews or use less of them.

Kind regard

Well, honestly I'm speechless... :| :roll: I got tons of comments about PPCW.Net from "great work" to "crap work" but I've never received such a comment about the mobile version of PPCW.Net. :lol:
In fact I try to give you the same content on your mobile device (Pocket PC or Smartphone) as on your desktop (as long as you don't use AvantGo which is a reduced PPCW.Net version to save storage space on your device) and especially about the Pocket PC 2003 I'm proud because it's also the same look and feels as the desktop version.

Even if I'm not planning to change anything ;-) :P (because I for myself want to get on mobile devices what I get on the desktop as well) I would like to hear what you think about the mobile version of PPCW.Net (in case you access it from time to time with your Pocket PC or Smartphone). Should I really exclude photos and pictures (at least - to save transmission costs that's the reason why I reduce every picture to a maximum width of 240 pixel) or do you enjoy what you get on your mobile devices?

And no - I don't get GPRS for free but have to pay for it as well! Neither T-Mobile, nor Vodafone, nor E-Plus, nor O2 Germany are supporting me and I have to pay my monthly bill like you! :twisted:

Last but not least: you can call me Arne, Mr. Hess or Herr Heß but who is "Arnie"? :lol:

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Leif on 22.10.03 - 21:16:42

Your site is great. I also use gprs some times to access, but when I use gprs I always turn off "Show Images" in my PocketIE, and then is one of the "smallest" sites I have found out there.

Posted by Leif on 22.10.03 - 21:31:16

Hello again. I have a tip: Set the max width to 220 pix so that PocketIE dont need to shrink the picture. I think the picture will look better then. BTW I often access your site from some hotspot with wifi and I think its great to see all the pictures. Dont remove them!

Posted by Mlynch01 on 22.10.03 - 21:37:18

Arne your mobile site to me is absolutely wonderful, that users comments were rediculous! I enjoy being able to get the same content on my XDA as on my desktop (especially since I am constantly on the road). I don't think u need to make any changes what so ever. Whoever wrote that email surely went to many other sites so he is to blame for his gprs usage. He needs to be much more careful and stop blaming others for his actions!

Posted by cheekymonkey on 22.10.03 - 21:59:05

Please don't change anything Arne! If I don't want to d/l images then I can set PIE to not show them. But let's face it, when you are reviewing a piece of hardware or software ya really need to see it... especially pics of the xda 2 wink

I love the mobile site... meetings at work wouldn't be the same with out it. Keep up the good work.

Posted by Arne Hess on 22.10.03 - 22:28:07

@All: Thanks for your kind words and support here! :oops:

@Leif: The idea with the 220 pixel only I thought about before (and I already did it long time ago) but anyway - already 1/3 of all mobile devices access' came from Smartphones which have 176 pixel width only. Because of that I can also stay with the maximum of 240 which gives you at least on the desktop the original experience of PPC applications and reduces the work for me and others!

@Mlynch01: Yes you are right but it's always easier to blame someone else then yourself... ;-)

@cheekymonkey: You gave me my smile back with your comment about "meetings at work wouldn't be the same with out it. Keep up the good work." lol

Thanks all! :-D

Posted by NearInsanity on 22.10.03 - 22:36:57

This is my first visit to your site - what a refreshing change to get some rich content on a mobile site. Your site is fine as it is.

Posted by whtrbt7 on 23.10.03 - 02:57:41

This is a great site for PPC news and info.  I'm very excited for PPCW.Net since it may be one of the best ways to get my hands on an iMate.  Arne, change the site as you see fit.  Vision is what makes this site one of the best online.

The White Rabbit

Posted by Larry on 23.10.03 - 03:59:49

You can always turn pictures off by clicking at the pic on/off icon at the bottom of the IE, and this way you save on the pitcures...

Posted by joseph a byrnes on 23.10.03 - 04:49:56



     I have no clue about the things you all are talking about. I just bought a notebook and everything needed for a wireless connection.

     The idot that I am, can not find a service that will provide that service. I know this is well beneath your technical expertice, Arne  but how the heck do I get wireless "online access" on a notebook ???


Posted by NickC on 23.10.03 - 05:44:13

Can't you just turn the images off on your phone in PIE and choose NOT to download them?

Posted by Leif on 23.10.03 - 08:38:16

Hej Arne. No problem with the width of the pictures, just a thought. I can live with that or use MultiIE and the "full screen" option. There is always a workaround in computer world wink

Keep up the good work

Posted by Krille on 23.10.03 - 09:56:44

I'm missing "your internet speed". This was nice to test GPRS speeds.

Posted by Holger on 23.10.03 - 10:11:58


Your PDA Version of the site is great. I always turn off graphics in IE when I'm online with gprs. If I find an article interesting I read it and then load the graphics to it.

Keep up the great work

Posted by Arne Hess on 23.10.03 - 15:53:32

Well it would be interesting to know how many of you guys actually turn off graphics while surfing via GPRS and want it turned on while on a Wi-Fi connection.

My opinion here is that it is better to have rich content and let the browser do the trimming rather than have a dull site.

Try kweezer, I heard it can also turn webpages to all text format only.

The link is included in the new Multi-IE. :-)

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by Notta Tumour on 23.10.03 - 22:02:37

Since I discovered your site a couple of weeks ago (~the mystery phone maker matter), I have been coming back regularly.


This site is great for my functional testing on my iPAQ with an 1xRTT PC card, and I have no complaints about you including images in the web pages.  Mind you, my company pays for my data usage, so web pages with lots of images is of no big concern for me ;-)

I agree with Carlo and others that it is better to leave in the images than to have a defacto "dull" site.  You can't liven up a plain text-only site but you can ask Explorer to filter out the images.

BTW, I think the original email author must have been thinking of Arnold Schwarzenegger, aka Arnie.  It's "asta la vista baby" to the pics if he follows our advice! :-D

Anyways, I love your site and the latest news and rumours!  Keep up the good work!

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