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ORANGE RUMORS: SPVx to be available in April and Developers site will stay
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 29.03.03 - 18:26:31 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7010x
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Yesterday I met an Orange Insider and we discussed several topics about decertifying the SPV via OTA as well as when and where we will see the first Orange SPVx.

Here what he was able to tell me as far as he knew. But please keep in mind that Orange is a huge company and maybe not everything is known by everyone - but the good news are that this guy isn't working on the helpline, so he should know more... ;-)

Q: "Will the Orange Developer website, to decertify the SPV over the air, removed anytime or will it be locked?"

A: "My understanding is it's for Developers only but no checks are done so if a user says he's a developer then he gets to have an unlocked phone"

Q: "When will we see the 'long awaiting' SPVx released?"

A: "SPVx is sometime due April not sure which countries will be first. Well, Switzerland and Denmark will probably be first"

Well, as much as I trust this source I can't guarantee it 100 % that we will not see any changes on the Developers website and also the availability of the SPVx in Switzerland and Denmark first might be a rumor, but even might be true. At least it doesn't takes to long to April and we will see what happens. :-) Not a price nor an information about the included "multimedia" application was given.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by jpzr on 29.03.03 - 18:53:18

ask him what about Netherlands? will they have SPV or SPVx?

Posted by Arne Hess on 29.03.03 - 19:02:11

@jpzr: I thought you already gave the answer to yourself with your article here: http://.../ ;-)

I don't see any reasons why it shouldn't be launched in Netherlands, earlier or later...

Posted by Arne Hess on 29.03.03 - 19:15:37

@jpzr: Ah, sorry... Seems I misunderstood you. You meant either/or not if it will be available in general, right? Well, as he wasn't sure 100 % where it is launched first - don't know if he knows if it launched there anyhow. But if I will meet him next time I will ask...

Posted by jpzr on 29.03.03 - 19:36:02

well, I mean this: I got initially news from certain people that SPVx will be available from first April in Netherlands. But then, some other people corrected me and said “no, it will be just SPV”. But the original information was “SPVx will be from first April in Netherlands”. I wanted just clarify that.

I am asking because in case SPVx would be available in Netherlands I would go there and buy one for myself for playing...

Posted by RH on 02.04.03 - 13:21:20

The SPV (not the SPVx) is launched 31.03.2003 in the Netherlands. You can buy the SPV in the Orange shops only.


Posted by Penther on 03.04.03 - 00:47:44

after talking to many people from orange and looking to many web sites, i can set a date for the spvx in denmark!    it's first goes on the marked in the end of may

Posted by Bart on 25.05.03 - 16:14:44

Well I hope there is a way to decertify my spv.

I live in the netherlands, and tried to decertify it with hard reset and then copy mxip_oem_10.

The copy proces worked, but still gave certify errors.

Is there a other way, or what am I doing worng.

Posted by Arne Hess on 25.05.03 - 16:56:17

@Bart: If OTA doesn't work for you (at least for me it doesn't work), the mxip_oem_10 way should work, at least it does on my SPV.

Check again CoolSmartPhone here: http://.../

I've never heard that this step-by-step failed for anybody.

Posted by Matt on 08.06.03 - 21:41:56

Does anyone know when the SPVx is coming out in the UK, and what the price will be?

Also, I'm not entirely sure what the major advantage of the SPVx is over the SPV!  Can anyone give me the details.



Posted by Arne Hess on 08.06.03 - 22:19:14

The Orange SPVx is based on the HTC Tanager which is the same like the PPCW.Net i-Mate. See also my review of the PPCW.Net i-Mate here http://.../

The Tanager has a better screen, nicer look and feel and much better key.

However, so far no confirmed release date for the SPVx nor a price was given by Orange.

Anyway, you can already order it from PPCW.Net...http://.../ ;-)

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