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PAIN: How sick are Spammer?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 13.09.04 - 21:03:44 CET under 06 - Site News - Viewed 12142x
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You now my opinion about spammer, they waste my time because I have to delete their mails I've never read, they waste my money because I'm downloading their useless E-Mails through GPRS (in worst case while in international roaming) and now, this sick spammers entered the next stage of sickness: comment spamming.

During the day, I don't now, they've added around 15 - 20 spam comments here at PPCW.Net - all of them with the same useles links:

Which is wasting my time (again), my money (doubled because this time the takes my server bandwidth as well as I'm going to download these E-Mails through GPRS again) and they annoy you!
So far I've deleted all these "comments" as well as I've banned all IP addresses from PPCW.Net (even if I believe they are faked). However, this makes me thinking of closing down the comments in the way I have it today. I still support "free speech online" and I still prefer to have a comments section which allows everybody to comment, even without registering first. I don't think it's useful if you have to register first, just because you are a one/first time visitor who wants to comment something. However, if this continues, I will/have to close down today's way of commenting articles and will require a registration with E-Mail verification first!

So this is the last warning, even if I don't think these spammers are reading it, before I have to change the way to comment at PPPCW.Net - unfortunately and I'm really sorry if I have to change it.

Cheers ~ Arne