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PAIN: How sick are Spammer?
Posted by Arne Hess - on Monday, 13.09.04 - 21:03:44 CET under 06 - Site News - Viewed 11910x
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You now my opinion about spammer, they waste my time because I have to delete their mails I've never read, they waste my money because I'm downloading their useless E-Mails through GPRS (in worst case while in international roaming) and now, this sick spammers entered the next stage of sickness: comment spamming.

During the day, I don't now, they've added around 15 - 20 spam comments here at PPCW.Net - all of them with the same useles links:

Which is wasting my time (again), my money (doubled because this time the takes my server bandwidth as well as I'm going to download these E-Mails through GPRS again) and they annoy you!
So far I've deleted all these "comments" as well as I've banned all IP addresses from PPCW.Net (even if I believe they are faked). However, this makes me thinking of closing down the comments in the way I have it today. I still support "free speech online" and I still prefer to have a comments section which allows everybody to comment, even without registering first. I don't think it's useful if you have to register first, just because you are a one/first time visitor who wants to comment something. However, if this continues, I will/have to close down today's way of commenting articles and will require a registration with E-Mail verification first!

So this is the last warning, even if I don't think these spammers are reading it, before I have to change the way to comment at PPPCW.Net - unfortunately and I'm really sorry if I have to change it.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Filip Norrgård on 13.09.04 - 21:30:38

Hi Arne!

Hmmm... seems as if you need some "human check" like the one I use for my contact form. :twisted: It is not foolproof, but it works well.

I think there should be some ASP versions somewhere, but I can't remember where. sad If you can't find any,then I can maybe help out (if you can run PHP on your server)... wink

Posted by farnold on 13.09.04 - 23:03:47

Mate, for quite some time we all will have to live with this. At the moment I only see two ways to actually prevent spam. a) Putting a cost to email and b) Closing down forums and groups with access only for registered users.

But do we really want that? Do we allow a few to determine the behaviour of the many? That in a way is net-terrorism and we may as well have to live with some elements of it.

Posted by Samer on 13.09.04 - 23:45:47

[2] I think farnold hit the subject wisely. We dont live in a perfect world, and I am quiet sure, not matter what you do and how you protect your system, there is always backdoors, that people would attack.

I am a former Microsoft STE employee: I remember one day all of a sudden, I arrive to the office and everybody just chatting and conferencing and no one was working. I asked what's going on, they said someone cracked in SQL server and inserted a virus there which caused all machines, network, servers to crash down for a full day. Can you imagine what a full day crash on Microsoft network?So no protection what so ever will turn your system immune.

Now I would like tell Arne something. For the spirit this lovely site is there, I beleive you shall never stop serious people from commenting and sharing thoughts just because minorities are giving you hard time. And trust me, no one but us (good people, If I am allowed to rank myself smile)is reading your warning: Spammers never care to read this, and even if they do, they listen to that using their deaf ear. I actually was sad when I noticed once that google surfers can no longer find matches in your websites. For me, it's a good point, this is how I actually found this website, and somehow I keep coming back to this site and no one else. Registration is a tedious work, for some people. I beleive little more precautions, internet security, anti-hackers software can do.

Keep up the good work,


Posted by Filip Norrgård on 14.09.04 - 08:16:24

You're both right, there is no water-thight way of stopping spammers and hackers. But, since spammers are oppertunists and abuse everything  that is easy to abuse, we have to push the threshold to higher level. If the spammers have to do more work for their spamming, then they won't be as happy as to continue abusing (unless they get some software that manages to solve their problem). :roll:

I know that spammers don't read websites but use some automated software that searches websites for emails and do their spamming. The unfortunate poor souls don't deserve to use computers and I like to show my distaste for them by secretly running scripts on my website that poison their email lists with totally random email addresses. :twisted: To describe this feature I like to use the saying: what goes around comes around. wink

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