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PETITION: Request for HP to offer Windows Mobile 2003 SE for current iPAQs posted
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Sunday, 25.07.04 - 01:50:16 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7590x
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Early on this month, news broke out that HP will not release Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for current Pocket PCs. As early as April, HP showcased several iPAQs which were flashed with WM2003SE. This brought about the feeling that all is well, and current users will be able to enjoy what HP has been known for - End User Support.

The recent turn of events has prompted iPAQ owners to come up with a petition for HP to release an upgrade to WM2003SE. If you are inclined to support the plea of fellow iPAQ users to have WM2003SE available to us, then you might want to head down to the iPAQ WM2003SE Petition page and sign up.

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Posted by Plain User on 26.07.04 - 11:04:26

Stating that the Second Edition of WM2003 offers very important benefits to the user is an extreme exaggeration. This is tipically a case of the "I want the latest and greatest" attitude that is common in the computer geek circles; standard users of PocketPCs might not even be able to tell the difference between WM2003 and WM2003SE.

Posted by Arne Hess on 26.07.04 - 16:53:33

[1] If that is the case, then even more should it be easier to offer such updates even for free... :wink:

HP gave the people high expectations through its track record of offering an OS upgrade for the 36xx & 31xx devices to Pocket PC 2002, similarly, 38xx, 39xx, and 54xx devices were capable of being updated to WM2003. HP has created a following by offering these updates even for a fee, thus extending the usefulness of the device through 2 generations. I think this is what people expected from HP. And HP's initial claim that they will offer OS Upgrades for the 22xx, 4xxx, and 5xxx devices gave current users something to expect. Some people may have even bought these devices even with the knowledge that the new hardware will be out this year because they were expecting that they could upgrade their current units to WM2003 SE.

Now that HP claims that it will not produce any updates for the current devices, HP is sending out a different signal to its customers.

I would understand it more if HP claimed the opposite from the very beginning... If HP stated "HP will not offer OS upgrades for any of its Handhelds." then I wouldn't be expecting anything at all. I bought an HP h1940 knowing that there will be no upgrade for it. From the very start I knew it already... so it really doesn't bother me.  But being told that my h2210 is going to be in the upgrade list for WM2003 as early as April, and suddenly now(July) they change their decision, it is difficult not to feel betrayed or fooled.

Mabuhay! ~ Carlo

Posted by Nome Cognome on 28.07.04 - 00:39:51

[2] don't mix the old Compaq attitude with the new HP attitude; if you look at the new awful line of IPAQs you will see that they don't have much in common.
I guess their reasoning is "Who would buy a more expensive and uglier 2004 IPAQs if we offered upgrades on the 2003 line?" In other words they are already addressing the replacement segment not new potential PDA users.. and that says a lot about the current PDA market.

Posted by bandersen on 19.08.04 - 22:43:56

[2] Can you say Jornada...HP cares very little for its customers and their needs.

Posted by Sky on 22.08.04 - 12:21:49

Personally, I dont like the idea of VGA screens and half of the things that are coming with the most recent Pocket PCs. I have a HP iPAQ 4150, and its the best Pocket PC I've ever used (having used Compaqs, other iPAQs, Axims...) and they're not even going to provide the most recent system for it. I agree completely with the idea that people tend to want the latest. I suppose, I'm an example of this. But its the whole idea that eventually, if this keeps going, then more recent updates will just become available for devices running Second Edition, and the First Edition users will be left out of the rain.

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