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PHONE EDITION: Bouygues Telecom released Qtek 1010 Phone Edition in France
Posted by Arne Hess - on Sunday, 16.03.03 - 19:03:00 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6297x
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As French Bouygues Telecom announced, the first Pocket PC Phone Edition device is also available in France now through Bouygues. It's the Qtek 1010 which is equal to the O2 xda.

However, unlike the second O2 xda which includes 64 MB RAM, the Qtek 1010 will come with 32 MB of RAM and ROM only which is the old, first introduced version.

For additional 6 € per month you get an included data volume of 10 MB which is pretty good!

Find more information on Bouygues PPC PE page or here on Microsoft's French Pocket PC page.

Thanks to Calin and Guy for passing the information!

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by Andrea Baldassa on 19.03.03 - 00:00:00

Hi Arne,

I'm currently testing the Qtek 1010 of Swisscom mobile (here in Switzerland) for and I have to underline that it's not so amazing like people have told until now.

I mean, we have three operators (Orange, Swisscom and Sunrise)
- Orange unveiled its SPV which with the new update it's a really interesting product.....
- Swisscom launched its Pocket PC Phone Edition Qtek 1010 quite late.... This device it's too big and is totally out of the market. There is bluetooth technology, Wi-Fi technology now.....and Orange's SPV is more interesting and usefull for guys who needs an e-mail, internet connection and contacts/agenda.

The Qtek 1010 is a good product, but quite old (more less 6 months...). And like you wrote, it has only 32 MB....

The fight between a P800, an iPAQ 5450 connected via bluetooth with a T68i, a SPV and a Qtek....I mean, the Qtek isn't anymore really interesting....isn't it ?


Andrea Baldassa
PR & Product Manager

Posted by Arne Hess on 19.03.03 - 00:00:00

Well, your thoughts are right but the discussion is hard to talk about anyway.

I would see the P800 and the SPV in a completely different class, these devices are smart phones while the iPAQ and the Qtek 1010 are (LAN enabled) Pocket PCs or even (WAN enabled) wireless Pocket PCs.
So I wouldn’t call the device names in the same breath. If you are thinking about which Pocket PC is better, based on the fact sheet, the iPAQ would win, however – for me the xda is still the primary device, even if I really enjoy the H5400.
The reasons? Even with its limited 32 MB I can operate all applications by using a SD card, the stand-by is far better which is more important for me then the latest display technology (which I truly enjoy anyway) and I don’t have to carry a phone around which I have to take care as well.

Prom my personal point of view, even for a 6 months old device (which says nothing about the quality) there is enough reason to be still used. However, if I would launch a Qtek 1010 today, I wouldn’t release the 32 MB version since the 64 MB version is available anyhow.

Posted by Andrea Baldassa on 20.03.03 - 00:00:00

Well, I'm agree with you Arne..... and the discussion is quite hard to point out the best product, because as you know, it depends on the users.... More bluetooth users....more WLAN.....etc..etc..

Pocket PC Phone Edition or Smartphone.....well, I still don't know... :-)

Arne continue with your webiste which provides a huge quantity of information.....!!!
See ya !

Andrea Baldassa
PR & Product Manager

Posted by Arne Hess on 20.03.03 - 15:14:16

Well, nobody of us know it - maybe that's the reason why I bough a Pocket PC, a Pocket PC Phone Edition and a Smartphone. On the other hand, every morning I have the problem not to know which device I should use today:?: ;-)

Thanks for your kind words, will try hard to improve the site. The latest improvement was the backend changes today I feel pretty comfortable with!

Posted by ced on 16.05.03 - 01:47:45

he guys, could you help me, why in germany for example, they sell the latest Qtek with 64mo, T-mobile propose even for free a dowload for getting a soft for sending and receiving MMS; if i buy it would i be able to use it in france?

Posted by Arne Hess on 16.05.03 - 12:08:04

@ced: In general you can use every device, doesn't matter if it is a O" xda, T-Mobile MDA or Qtek 1010, you bought in Germany in France with a French SIM card.

But keep in mind to make sure the device is not SIM locked/SIM unlocked and most devices you will buy in Germany are in German language and there isn't a real way to change the language for these devices :!:

So maybe for you it makes more sense to buy a Qtek 1010 in Switzerland as you should get a French device there.

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