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PHONE EDITION: E-TEN adds the P300 into their Pocket PC Phone Edition Line.
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Thursday, 18.09.03 - 13:12:07 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8240x
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It is not so often that we see a new Pocket PC Phone Edition make it to the market. This is one of those cases when one company decides to release not one but two new Pocket PC Phone Edition devices running on the latest Microsoft® Windows Mobile™ 2003 software for Pocket PC Phone Edition operating system.

The P300 is a unique device that seems to bridge the Smartphone market and the Pocket PC Phone Edition market. The first noticeable thing about this unit is its size. It is definitely smaller than most Pocket PC Phone Edition hardware currently available. The best part of that is that with this small size, they got to fit it with a digital camera which can take pictures of up to 640x480 in resolution. A plus for this device too is the inclusion of an SDIO slot which gives the user more options in terms of expansion.

As I mentioned, this device bridges both Smartphone and Pocket PC Phone Edition markets. Due to its size, E-TEN opted to fit it with a 2.8in., 320x240, 4,096 color Transflective LCD. Running on a 200MHz processor based on the Samsung 2410 chipset, it comes with tri-band GSM/GPRS capabilities.

  • Windows Mobile™ 2003 software for Pocket PC Phone Edition
  • ARM 9, 200 MHz, 32-bit RISC processor
  • 32 MB FlashROM, 64 MB SDRAM
  • 2.8in, 320x240, 4,096 colors Transflective LCD
  • LxWxH: 117 x 67 x 23 mm
  • Weight 165 g
  • GSM tri-band 900/1800/1900 MHz, GPRS Class B / Multi-slot Class10
  • Camera Built-in, 300K pixels, up to 640x480 resolution
  • SDIO card slot
  • Built-in microphone and speaker, external stereo headset jack
  • IrDA, USB Sync, USB host (via cradle)
  • Touch screen for stylus or fingertip, Joystick, power button, 4 quick application buttons, record button, volume control
  • 1050 mAh Li-Polymer, rechargeable, replaceable
  • Package includes E-TEN P300, stylus, cradle, USB sync cable, AC adapter, headset, leather case, Companion CD, quick start guide, user manual
  • Accessories (Optional): Stylus, cradle with independent slot for additional battery charge, USB sync cable, USB sync cable with DC-in plug, USB host cable, battery pack, AC adapter, leather case, car charger, portable keyboard, GPS kit

Availability depends on region. Price for the P300 is estimated at PhP 27,000.00 or US$490.00.

Related Links : [More Information] Source : [E-TEN Information Systems]


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Posted by Gaute on 18.09.03 - 13:43:02

Anybody know if these E-ten devices ever will be available here in Europe?

Posted by on 18.09.03 - 20:48:53

yes, for example P300 will be sold by Yakumo in Germany: http://.../ and there are also distributors in Germany that specialize in selling Eten phones - they should carry P700 and P300 too...

Posted by Kevin on 20.09.03 - 02:30:03

But surely one can ask a friend to bring one back from New York, with a better price to boot?

Posted by Daniel on 25.09.03 - 19:04:34

Just got one prototype in Computex, still have some bugs.

It's not perfect, but it the damn smallest Pocket PC ever with

phone and camera incorporated.

I heard that Supratech in Spain and Bouda in France will

carry them.

Posted by Rohan on 02.10.03 - 17:28:09

I do not find this materiel on any the addresses indicated !

( Bouda, supratech, fadhtel, yakumo ).

Where did you take your information ?

Posted by pA3k on 08.01.04 - 10:39:55

I have an MS Smartphone 2002. I wanna get the e-ten p300. i believe that the ms smartphone is more expensive than the p300... any advice how i can get the p300 without spending much? or maybe i could trade my smartphone for it...

Posted by pA3k on 08.01.04 - 10:46:52

if anyone's interested e-mail me (pa3kzone68@yahoo) or if sum1 can help me...

Posted by Sathumax on 09.01.04 - 00:59:15


Tomorow I gonna get my Eten P700 with more powerfull processor and more MB memory.

I want the p700 because camera what i will do with that,nothing never needed bevor.

especialy i lake the blootooh option,realy great.

This phones from eten they got realy everything on it,realy nice.

Posted by KHRISNA on 11.04.04 - 15:07:23

i'm in indonesia..

how can i get eten p300

eten p300 already in indonesian market yet?

Posted by Kevin on 05.05.04 - 19:42:33

I'm in usa. where can i get eten300

Posted by Hanif on 21.12.04 - 07:58:43

i m in United Arab Emirates, Dubai
could any body tell me where can buy this product...Eten P300

Posted by D*E*X* on 05.04.05 - 19:35:01

Anybody know where can I buy or order via internet the pencil for P300 in Europe.

Posted by taties viray on 30.05.05 - 05:27:21

i have a p300 eten.. i think it needs to be serviced. ANYBODY WHO KNOWS ANY SERVICE CENTERS THAT KNOWS HOW TO FIX ETEN P300? 


Posted by smeg6 on 30.05.05 - 15:48:34

You can contact  Eten directly, and ask them where to get your P300 serviced.  I contacted them a few times when I had my P300, and they were very helpful.  Most likely, you are going to have to ship it overseas for a repair though.

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