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PHONE EDITION: First serious HP 6000 Phone Edition information available
Posted by Arne Hess - on Friday, 13.02.04 - 20:03:56 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 6390x
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I can not confirm if these information is a fake or not, but how I know Enrico (met him last year on my trip to Toronto) I'm sure it isn't a fake but you can trust into the information. Pocket PC Italia, his site, managed it to find some some specifications and maybe more important - photos - of the long time rumored Pocket PC Phone Edition from HP.

Expected Features:

  • Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition OS
  • Texas Instruments OMAP 1510 CPU
  • 64 MB RAM / 64 MB ROM
  • 3.5" transflective display
  • SDIO slot
  • GSM/GPRS, quad-band 850/900/1800/1900
  • Bluetooth 1.1
  • 802.11b WiFi
  • 1800 mAH removable battery
  • IrDA and USB
  • Removable flip cover
  • 11.7 cm x 7.4 cm x 1.8 cm
  • 185 grams

While I love to see it features GSM quad-band and includes Wi-Fi by default, I wonder why it comes with 64 MB RAM only and includes an external antenna? :eek: Even HTC's Himalaya comes with 128 MB hand no external antenna but anyway - seems to be a real competitor to the Himalaya.

Cheers ~ Arne

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Posted by McHale on 15.02.04 - 17:34:02

Man, I hope they were smart enough to make this thing compatible with their expansion sleeves...

Posted by Arne Hess on 15.02.04 - 18:25:01

I don't think so because it looks like a different shape - more iPAQ H2200 like than the H3800/3900/5000 series. I think the expansion packs are not in the focus anylonger...

Posted by jmbneaf on 15.02.04 - 20:09:07

So Arne, when will you be able to sell them?   let us know..

Posted by jayson on 16.02.04 - 05:03:37

Hmmm. looks a lot bigger than the HTC Himalaya.  (A downside when considering mobility).  But the built in WiFi is a good feature.

Posted by jayson on 16.02.04 - 10:07:08


EDGE? Isn't that a Nokia technology?  Don't think that will ever go with a Pocket PC.

Posted by Arne Hess on 16.02.04 - 10:12:59

No, EDGE isn't Nokia only but powered by them because they are pretty active in selling EDGE enhancements to carriers... ;-)

I don't believe in EDGE at all, like I didn't believed into HSCSD before, because it's 2.75G on the way from 2.5G to 3G. For instance in Germany none of the 4 nationwide carriers will introduce EDGE but GPRS -> 3G only.

Posted by Johann on 16.02.04 - 08:25:15

I wish it came with EDGE (Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution)

Posted by Jacob Saaby Nielsen on 16.02.04 - 10:28:21


here in Denmark for example, there's a big fuss about 3G at the moment. Whether the masts do damage or not, to the people around them (cancer and stuff)

Also, the masts cost a lot to erect, and a lot of new masts have to be erected. In contrast, EDGE can be implemented on existing masts, at a very low price, and provide almost the same bandwidth.

So, commercially, EDGE may make a lot of sense. Also, in the wide public, as it will remove the sense of danger from the new masts.

It's been seen before, that the most technologically potent product, isn't the winning one in the end wink

Posted by Jake on 16.02.04 - 11:48:44

if HP only could make this in internal antenna, but i think it has to do more with WiFi... it would have been nice to have all three of them (GSM/BT/WiFi) in one singel device, but with this specs and design i'm going to live with my xdaII "a little" longer... wink

Posted by Arne Hess on 16.02.04 - 12:10:07

@Jake: Absolute, you hit the nail! When I saw the 6000 pics a while back the first time I had the same thought - "well, the xda II isn't that bad at all and seems to fit my needs better". Also - as much I like Wi-Fi, for me it's the less used wireless connectivity of the three standards and therefore I'm happy enough with a SD card in case I need it.

Posted by Allan on 17.02.04 - 13:01:01

With a new CPU, will the previous Pocket PC software be compatible?

Compared to XDA II, I see 3 benefits:

1) Wi-fi, which I believe will be extremely usefull in a few months, when I expect it will be free of charge to use in most places

2) Large removable battery

3) Flip cover (if is effective for protection of the screen)

What do you think? What is the main pro et contras of the XDA II and the iPaq 6000?

Best regards

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