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PHONE EDITION: Globe Telecom releases Qtek 1010 in the Philippines
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Saturday, 12.04.03 - 23:27:12 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8020x
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Globe Telecom recently released the Qtek 1010 Pocket PC Phone Edition in the Philippines. The Qtek 1010, based on the Wallaby Reference Design, comes with 64MB RAM. Unlike the Qtek 1010s that were previously released by other carriers, this one was made to conform with Globe Telecom's requirements.

According to Globe Telecom, they chose the 64MB version to give the user a more capable PDA & phone combo. The Qtek 1010 even has the SMS ID fix preinstalled as well as network configurations specific to Globe in the quick setup menu.

This goes in line with their push for mobility in the connected workplace and is primarily targetted at corporate users, although they will also be available to individual users as well. The 1010 is sim-locked to Globe's network and is available at varying price ranges depending on the subscription plan chosen.

The Qtek 1010 prices will range from PhP 43,000.00 (US$ 796.00) with the G-Text plan which has a monthly fee of PhP 500.00 (US$ 9.25) to PhP 21,500.00 (US$ 398.00) with the G-Max Plan which has a monthly fee of PhP 3500.00 (US$ 65.00). The Qtek 1010 is available for free with subscriptions to the New Platinum Plan, which costs PhP 5,000.00 (US$93.00) per month.

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