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PHONE EDITION: HTC Andes aka O2 xda II released in Dubai as i-Mate Phone Edition
Posted by Arne Hess - on Saturday, 18.10.03 - 17:22:20 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 8955x
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Today, the i-Mate Phone Edition was released on Gitex in Dubai and is now available there in the Arabic version for around US$ 842.00.

The i-Mate Phone Edition is the same device as the O2 xda II and features the same technical specifications.

And yes - the i-Mate Phone Edition will be available soon from PPCW.Net too - as you can imagine! :-D More to follow next week but the price will be close to the US$ 842.00 in Dubai and no, it's not the Arabic version you will get from PPCW.Net but the English version for sure!

Just in case you want to prepare for your order here are some "tips":

  • As before payments will be accepted by PayPal or money transfer only. No Credit Cards, no eGold, no western Union. Credit Card payments can be accepted through PayPal only.
  • If PayPal isn't available in your country you can pay via money transfer from your bank account to mine.
  • If you want to pay through PayPal make sure you have created an account (free) and confirmed it (you need to receive your Credit Card statement to confirm it).

Stay tuned for next weeks official press release here! ;-)

Cheers ~ Arne

Source : [Mohd]


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Posted by Marty on 18.10.03 - 18:45:00

Ok, am panicking now!! I want to by the Arabic version but there are rumors that the data services will not work correctly in England and the Us! Is that true? Can somebody please put it end to these rumors and tell me ONCE AND FOR ALL. Is this going to work in the US and England with no problems or am I going to suffer?? Thanks in advance

Posted by Lee Vermont on 19.10.03 - 03:48:56

As I'm sure others will ask, will this work on t-mobile in the US? Swapping out a sim card from the MDA 1? Thanks.

Posted by Ehsan on 19.10.03 - 08:11:53

I'm going to Gitex tomorrow so I'll see if I can get my hands on one.

I also heard the SE P900 might be released their before anywhere else in the world, just like the P800..

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Posted by Fayez on 19.10.03 - 14:01:17

Mohammad where is dubai did you get the XDA II?

I checked with Gitex and they still dont have it !!.

waiting for your reply.

Posted by alkandery75 on 19.10.03 - 08:18:00

Normally, in our Arabian Gulf Countries they do not Lock the mobiles or PPCPE, so you can just use your GSM SIM card with it and enjoy with your Service Provider.

Also, i-mate (XDA II) is not yet released in Gitex Dubai, it will today or tomorrow...

Posted by Mohd on 19.10.03 - 09:12:06

I would like to note that the Arabic features are just third party applications; you can buy the same from handango if you search for imaginet software. This is an English Pocket PC Phone. I got more than one sale representative to confirm to me that the device will arrive today, and they booked one for me, I will post a screen shot to confirm that it is an English version. I’m glad that PPCW.NET will offer this version for sale, my friends in Canada will happy

Thanks Arne smile

Posted by Roberto on 19.10.03 - 10:07:19

I am interested in to buy the I-Mate XDA II I hope from Arne or from Ehsan if ppcw will not start selling them sooner.

(I am interested in a P900 too)

Posted by Rafiq Mirdif on 19.10.03 - 10:50:39

went to few stores in dubai - still not in, although they have put the price up on the shelves (without the product!)

Posted by ObKeem on 19.10.03 - 10:55:14

Obaid, where are u?

Posted by Mohd on 19.10.03 - 12:09:20

I GOT THE I-MATE !!!!!!! smile

Checkout box contents here:

And yes, it is English, ROM version 1.03.00 USA, check out screenshot:

I got it for AED 3050 = $ 828, You can bargain in Dubai smile checkout the following pic:

Posted by Mohd on 19.10.03 - 12:21:20

@Roberto: It is available everywhere in Dubai, check again, I bought it 12:30 pm afternoon.

@Arne: There is no single Arabic program installed. I confirmed this is only a 3rd party application. You don't want it, don't install it.

My new baby now is in the cradle for initial charging for 4 hours at least.

Posted by Wiz on 19.10.03 - 12:30:01

Awww ... can anyone buy one for me and send it to Holland????

Posted by Kostas on 19.10.03 - 13:08:24

I WANT ONE TOO!!! Mohd is it network locked? Will it work fine in Greece? Whats the difference between the o2/t-mobile xda with it? Only the name?


Posted by Arne Hess on 19.10.03 - 13:17:59

@Kostas: Yes, it's the same as the O2 xda II/T-Mobile MDA II and works in any GSM network all over the world as long as it isn't a GSM 850 network like used in some parts of the U.S. (only).

Posted by kostas on 19.10.03 - 13:30:52

so what will be the different? the rom will be the same as o2 and tmobile? can it get the same accessories?

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