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PHONE EDITION: O2 Xda II officially launched in the Philippines
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Tuesday, 02.12.03 - 22:17:27 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 10530x
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The O2 Xda II was officially launched last week during the Microsoft Office Systems Launch held here in Manila, Philippines. The O2 Xda II that will be sold in Asia will differ slightly from those made avaliable in Europe with regards to software exclusions such as O2 Active UI.

The O2 Xda II currently sells for PhP48,999.00 or US$890.00. Incidentally, previous to the official announcement of O2's entry in the Philippine market, the O2 Xda II was being sold at PhP54,000.00 or US$980.00.

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Posted by Sectorlors on 03.12.03 - 01:57:27

WOW !!  That's a rip off !!

In HK you could buy it at USD 841 w/out haggling...

I wonder if my fellow Pinoys could afford it ?

Posted by Dominic on 03.12.03 - 04:22:45

does anybody have an idea if SMART or GLOBE will be selling XDA2 or QTEK 2020... its much better to buy in your local area instead of abroad even its cheaper because of after sales service...

regards to all kabayans smile

Posted by Jayson on 03.12.03 - 10:26:48

Did globe sell the old QTEK (XDA) before?  I was figuring they did.

Posted by Dominic on 04.12.03 - 06:42:35

hello jayson and  sectorlors...

where you able to buy xda2 yet?  m planning to get one... thanks to sectorlors for the advise... or maybe yet because of after sales service still confirming if globe or smart will carry this device...

Qtek & xda are the same device... globe is currently carrying the qtek 1010... the xda 2 is called qtek 2020..

Posted by leemrvnt on 06.12.03 - 17:46:06

I just got got an XDA2 for 50900 at shangri la, it's got better battery life than my SAP, I just wish they included a much better camera

Posted by Arne Hess on 07.12.03 - 15:31:55

Argh!!! 50900!!!



Posted by Dominic on 08.12.03 - 01:22:54

Hi lee mrvnt:

my cellnumber is 0917 7963631 or office number 7131363 ... would like to ask information regarding your new xda2 before i buy it in HK smile


Posted by leemrvnt on 08.12.03 - 18:17:10

yes. I know 50900 is to high, but buying the i-mate and shipping to the philippines will cost more.

Posted by Robson on 09.12.03 - 03:06:32

I'm from Manila but I was based in Hong Kong for quite some time; and now I'm living/working in Thailand. The xda2 was released here and I was lucky enough to win a raffle of buying an xda for 31000Baht...that's roughly 790-plus USD. I would imagine that once a few months have passed the price would go down in Manila, then again the xda2 is not as easily competitive as Nokia mobile phones. But a price of 50900...more than 900USD, is pretty steep.

Posted by Dominic on 09.12.03 - 08:06:04

hi robson... 790 usd is a good price... the price here in manila now is around 48,000 or 872usd... price went down after a week ...   

what do you mean by xda2 is NOT as competitive as Nokia phones?   what nokia phones you may suggest other than xda 2..

Posted by Dominic on 09.12.03 - 08:12:17

maybe if anybody is not really rushing to buy one.. but considering one.... i believe xda 2's price will go down to usd 790 too... maybe a month from now...

Posted by robson on 09.12.03 - 09:06:48

hey dominic,

when i was still living in manila i was using the nokia 8850. in my opinion xdas are not as competitive as nokia phones; this means that the market structure for the pda-phone is not as diverse nor is it as fast as mobile phones in general. when the 8850 came out, everybody wanted one...yeah and i was a sucker for one as well smile not too may people would go for an xda; while as almost everybody (if not all) including the taxi driver right beside you owns a nokia phone. with this, i think the price would eventually go down because the market isn't as big as compared to nokia. it's the same here in thailand; the market for mobile phones is really, really big. for pda phones, the percentage is quite low.

and yes, 790usd was quite a catch. the funny thing was; in order to enter the promo i had to buy something from bought my wife a pair of shoes....from there i qualified for the raffle ticket.



Posted by Arne Hess on 09.12.03 - 09:17:04

@robson: Sorry but what are you talking about?

You compare oranges with apples! The Nokia 8850 is a cell phone (even not a feature nor smart phone) while the xda II is a kind of smart phone.

The approaches are completely different:

8850 = voice centric

xda II = data centric

Sorry but I don't see your point here!

Posted by Boom on 09.12.03 - 12:14:41

if i may but in,

i do not think robson is trying to start an 8850 vs. xda2 functionality or pda vs. phone thing here... what he is simply stating is about the market structure... that pdas are basically niche market, whereas cell phones are for masses, ergo, different price structures and mass appeals and the whole marketing jargons to it... why are PPC users seams to be so jumpy and so defensive...

Posted by Royce on 11.12.03 - 15:37:47

Hi guys! I am another sucker for that O2 xda II. hehe! Guys, is it really worth the price? I am  hesitant whether to buy one...I am afraid that I might regret later because the price is no joke! Where can I get it cheapest in the Philippines? Hong Kong? Please be specific. Guys, Please advise asap. Thanks!

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