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PHONE EDITION: Orange UK gets their own Himalaya
Posted by Carlo Guerrero - on Thursday, 29.01.04 - 15:48:20 CET under 02 - Windows Mobile News - Viewed 7153x
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Our friends at MoDaCo were quick to see this. Orange UK now has their own Himalaya Pocket PC Phone Edition. Dubbed the SPV M1000, the O2 branded Himalaya is similar to the O2 XDA II and PPCW.Net i-Mate Phone Edition and since November 03 already available from Orange Denmark as as "Orange SPV 2020".

It is nice to see that more and more carriers are now carrying the Himalaya based Pocket PC Phone Edition. The SPV M1000 may slightly differ with the Orange specific applications and Java applications which apparently have been preloaded into it. Orange states that some of their services which they are offering with the SPV M1000 may not work outside of the UK.

For business tariffs you can go to the Orange website and see their offering including flat rate GPRS access.

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Posted by Jacob Saaby Nielsen on 29.01.04 - 17:07:32

Actually, it's called SPV M1000 in Denmark also, and has been for a couple of months now.

Posted by TIZIANO on 30.01.04 - 09:30:18

It's already available also in France at Orange France. Here in Italy it will be available very soon at Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) and Vodafone IT, under the name "Qtek 2020", without SIM Lock or other annoying things! ;-)


Posted by Saif on 30.01.04 - 10:52:11

Can anyone confirm if it has the same memory as the XDA 2 or if it has less?

if it is less then there is no point getting it on Orange. Over to O2 we go.... wink

Posted by farnold on 31.01.04 - 04:47:48

It is nice to see that more and more carriers are now carrying the Himalaya based Pocket PC Phone Edition.

I'm not sure if we users can be so happy about this development. Every vendor will be having their own ROM versions and we poor users will have to guess which one will really care to publish upgrades - and do this in time. De-regulation was meant to give customers more choice - it turns out giving more providers better control... It concerns me when Jacob mentions that there is something like a version for the danish market Mate, no offense... Denmark is a great country and your particular experience is hopefully positive... but if carrier will need to port upgrades onto each and individual market in every country we will wait very long...

Posted by Arne Hess on 31.01.04 - 18:00:10

@farnold: But that's something we see anyway with localized versions.

I mean I always have to wait to see updates or upgrades for German Pocket PCs - if these updates/upgrades are released ever. So it's already common and I don't see a real problem with it at all.

Posted by Michael on 03.02.04 - 16:18:58

The Danish M1000 uses an English ROM, no Danish localisation at all.

Posted by Richard Giblin on 06.02.04 - 18:01:29

The link to the SPV M1000 at Orange

Posted by Arne Hess on 06.02.04 - 18:04:28

Isn't it the same link as Carlo posted under [More Information]? Where is the difference?

Posted by Sjoerup on 12.02.04 - 23:15:30

Beware of the Orange M1000 version of "Himalaya"!!

Orange (DK and I assume UK as well) has for some reason decided *NOT* to update their ROM with critical patches and updates availble for some time now for PPC2003 - this includes faulty handling of GPRS, Battery, Key-lock, MMS and much more. Orange have stated that they do not plan an update anytime soon. Go with Qtek2020, which are much more up-to-date and timely. I wish I had.

Posted by eltrax007 on 13.02.04 - 21:16:18

how can i open my spv to use any sim?

Posted by Richard on 16.02.04 - 12:01:23

Has anybody had any problems in using 512k SD cards on the M1000, can get cards to work okay on XDAII but when using with SPV it does'nt seem to read/write?!!

tried both:

SanDisk 512mb SD card

Kingston 512mb SD card

Posted by Michael on 16.02.04 - 13:06:12


I have obtained an MMS .cab and installed it. MMS works perfectly on Telmore/TDC. I have not detected any real problems with GPRS,keylock or battery. After a registry change found on, I now have more or less GPRS always on.

I think that the USD 615 I paid for the Orange M1000 is a very good price - and don't see any need for an immediate update.

All that I really miss is the Bluetooth Handsfree profile.



Posted by Torsten on 12.03.04 - 18:52:25

Michael, where exactly did you obtain the MMM .cab file from? I myself cant get MMS working on Telmore.

Posted by mike on 11.05.04 - 19:56:11

anyone managed to get their spv - m1000 unlocked? pleae let me know how, if so

Posted by rene on 10.06.04 - 10:45:38

have a look at

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