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PHOTO PREVIEW: Mitac's Mio 8380 clamshell Smartphone compared to HTC Canary
Posted by Arne Hess - on Tuesday, 08.04.03 - 10:44:40 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 8069x
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Clamshell devices are on the advance and more or less all Japanese i-mode and FOMA phones are clamshell devices. Also Vodafone's live service is mostly based on clamshell phones so it doesn't makes wonder that we also see the first Windows Powered Smartphone devices now.

Taiwanese based Mitac already announced its Mio 8380 earlier last month and last week I had the chance to play with it a longer time and compare it with a Orange SPV.

Here we go with the latest pictures:

Overall I have to say that I'm not that clamshell fan like others but in most cases the advantage of a clamshell is that it is smaller then a brick styled phone. And this makes me wonder with the Mio clamshell. It's only slightly smaller and as thick as a SPV so there is no real advantage of it. Sure, it includes a camera but the Intel reference design also includes a camera and it isn't larger then the Mio 8380.

Cheers ~ Arne


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Posted by Mathias on 11.04.03 - 07:33:12

I would like to know when/if the Mitac Mio 8380 will be avaliable in Sweden?

Posted by JD on 20.04.03 - 22:02:53

DUH! Its a keyboard thing!!

Bring it on and kill the birdy

Posted by Yudhi on 13.06.03 - 14:43:35

Is MIO 8380 and PPCW i-Mate have bluetooth ?


Posted by Arne Hess on 13.06.03 - 18:03:00

No, not the PPCW.Net i-Mate nor the Mitac Mio has Bluetooth.

Currently no Microsoft Windows Powered Smartphone has Bluetooth... Unfortunately...

Posted by Paul on 17.06.03 - 21:32:53

A person I met on the internet said he's going to Taiwan to purchase this phone.  He's offering to buy more for those who are interested.  I'm from the States and he's in Europe.  He said he would mail it to me.  Is this safe?  Has anyone ever done something like this before?  Also, even if I do purchase the Mitac Mio 8380, can I use it in the US?  If so, how?  Please reply!  Thanks a lot!

Posted by Jay on 19.06.03 - 05:36:09

Good point Paul,   

I'm from Canada and want to order it from france but will any company touch with a ten foot pole?

Anyone know?  anyone??

Posted by Arne Hess on 19.06.03 - 13:25:47

@Paul, Jay: If it is safe or not is always a question of the human you are working with. I think nobody can tell you if it is safe or not.

Is it safe to order a PPCW.Net i-Mate from me? I would say yes but how can you know it before you ordered one and got it or even not...

Regarding if you can use it in N.-America: As it is claimed to be a tri-band mobile phone it should work without problems in US/Canadian GSM networks. That's what I basically like on GSM - it's a standard which is really standardized world wide! :-)

Posted by msa on 19.06.03 - 17:24:56

does anyone have a good web site to order mitac from  taiwan?

Posted by tsp on 22.06.03 - 14:32:55

I. too, would like to know how I can order the Mitac Mio 8380 even before it becomes available here in the Philippines.  Does anyone know if it can be ordered online, or by phone or fax?

Posted by on 23.06.03 - 12:52:33

Yes! Money doesn't matter. Where can I get the phone !?

Posted by Charlie Tai on 24.06.03 - 07:35:56

I am in Taiwan now. This cool Smartphone will be availible this weekend in Taiwan. It's 16800 NT dollars.(around 480 us dollars!)

Posted by nguyen tri thang on 24.06.03 - 17:34:55

order viet nam

Posted by Mario on 02.07.03 - 22:41:44

Anybody has this magic stuff???

Where to buy it in Europe? Any web shop???


M   A   R   I  O

Posted by Arne Hess on 03.07.03 - 12:53:41

@Mario: The Mio 8380 is even delayed a little bit in Taiwan so stay tuned.

So far it isn't available in Europe.

Posted by Serkan on 03.07.03 - 13:55:04

you can buy the Phone in september at in Price yet.

Du kannst es dann ab September bei in frankreich bestellen - liefert auch nach Deutschland.

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