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PHOTOVIEW: 3rd generation Microsoft Smartphones
Posted by Arne Hess - on Wednesday, 08.09.04 - 20:24:29 CET under 08 - Reviews - Viewed 9317x
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Amazing, the Microsoft Windows Mobile Smartphone platform is still that young (1 3/4 years only) but we already have the 3rd generation Smartphones in the market or to hit the market soon:

The Motorola MPx220, the Orange SPV C500 (aka HTC Typhoon) and the Sagem MyS-7.

To provide you a better overview which device looks how, compared to the other, bellow you can find a couple of exclusive comparison shots:

Front and Back Side
While the left HTC Typhoon and the middle Sagem MyS-7 are candy bar phone, the right Motorola MPx220 is a clamshell phone. Therefore the MPx220 has the camera on the on the face while the Typhoon and MyS-7 have it on the backside.
Closed, the MPx220 is slightly smaller than the Typhoon and the huger MyS-7 while it is for sure longer if opened.
All three Smartphone have built-in antennas.

Left and Right Side
All Smartphones have the volume up/down keys on the left side of the device. In addition, the MPx220 also has the power on/off button as well as the headphone jack there. The MyS-7 has the slot for the SD card on the left side.
On the right side, the MPx220 has the IrDA port, the camera button and the miniSD card slot. Also the Typhoon has the camera button there while the Sagem don't has a separate camera button but the camera can be started from the Start menu only.

Last but not least the keyboard. All the devices features different concepts. While all of them have the typical two soft- buttons below the screen, the Home and back/delete button as well as the call start end end buttons the way of navigation is different.
The MyS-7 has the traditional navigation joystick while the Typhoon has a completely new navigation key. The MPx220 has a navigation pad with action button in the middle (blue).
For messaging junkies, the MPx220 is the best one since the alphanumeric keys are the easiest one to press. While the overall MyS-7 keyboard seems to be smaller than the Typhoon keyboard, the alphanumeric keys aren't smaller but Sagem saved some space with the function-buttons.

Final Conclusion

Is it about design, size, weight or features? It's hard to vote here since all the phones have its pros and cons and I don't to want to vote for one phone here since it's up to the user requirements. Some don't like clamshell, other only use clamshell. Some don't like the new navigation keys of the Typhoon, others might miss a dedicated camera button.

I like all three devices, design-wise and yes, I have my favorite here as well and it's also because of its design/feature set but I'm not going to publish it yet. What's your prefered device - design-wise?

Cheers ~ Arne


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